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Lambton Shores * view map *

  • Gwens Garden Produce
    Gwen Williamson

    7680 Lakeshore Rd, Lambton Shores, Ontario (519) 617-4208

    Description: My market garden is located on my family's century farm. My parents produce maple syrup, beef, and pork, which they sell through an on farm retail store, Williamson Farms. I carry a small selection of vegetables at the store but carry most of my product at the Forest, Grand Bend, Petrolia and Sarnia Bay Marina farmers' markets. I started the food boxes as a way to reach people who would like the farm fresh products, but can't make it to the farmers' markets. Boxes will be available starting the week of May 19 and will be available until November. Winter greens are available year-round.
    Produce: beans, peas, salad greens, spinach, radishes, green onions, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, herbs (live plants and fresh), cucumbers, and winter greens.
    Delivery to These Areas: Sarnia, London, Petrolia, Forest, and Grand Bend.
    Area of Coverage:
    Sarnia, London, Petrolia, Camlachie, Plympton-Wyoming, Wyoming, Oil Springs, Watford, Forest, Kettle Point, Port Franks, Thedford, and Arkona.


Plympton-Wyoming * view map *

  • Six Pines Farm
    Lisa Pownall
    3772 Confederation Line, Wyoming, Ontario (519) 845-1522

    Description: If you've never tasted the true, amazing flavours of respectfully raised grass-fed pork and turkey, then you are in for a treat! Here at Six Pines Farm we aim to raise pork and turkey of the highest quality. We raise Berkshire and Tamworth pigs, two wonderful heritage breeds of pork that produce tender, flavourful meat. Unlike pork bought at the grocery store, our meat is never bland, dry, or tasteless. The turkeys we raise are Orlopp Bronze, a specialty hybrid bird directly descended from the true heritage turkeys of yesteryear. You will not find a more delicious and flavourful bird for your holiday table than a turkey from our farm! We believe that when you raise animals with quiet patience and respect, and let them roam outdoors rather than keeping them locked indoors their entire lives, you produce a happy, healthy animal that will live out its life as it was meant to. This creates a superb product that we are proud to offer our customers. Our CSA program is available for Pork Packages when members would like a whole pig but not all at once. Their pork would be delivered to them 6 times per year.

    We have been beekeepers on a small, sustainable scale since 2004. We use only organic practices when raising our honeybees. This means we never put strips of chemicals in their hives, we don't use any honeybee treatment that is unnatural, and we don't force them to produce more in a season than they should. Our honeybees happily produce honey for us in the way honey is supposed to be the hives, then gathered gently by us, the beekeepers, spun out in our hand-crank honey extractor, filtered once, and bottled in glass jars.
    Produce: grass fed turkey and pork, sweet corn, fancy leaf lettuces, Asian greens, sunflowers and pie and mini pumpkins in season. Everything is grown and raised without sprays, chemicals, or antibiotics. We also specialize in raw honey!
    Delivery to These Areas: Pick Up Only at Our Farm.
    Area of Coverage: Bothwell, Glencoe, Newbury, Thamesville, Wardsville, Chatham, Dresden, Ridgetown, Strathroy, London, Sarnia, Brights Grove.

Sarnia * view map *

  • Ryan Farm Ventures
    Greg Ryan
    2617 Lasalle Line, Petrolia, Ontario (519) 336-4117

    Description: We feel that our Grassfed beef is the best beef available. Our animals live natural lives in the heart of Lambton County. They are raised on our farm pastures, without hormones, antiboitics, or artificial growth aids, and we do the best we can to raise a stress free animal. Our goal is to provide healthy, nutritious, and flavourful meats that you and your family will enjoy. Most beef you find in stores is from grain-fed cattle.Our cattle graze the "daily salad bar" as found in multi species pastures, and are not fed grain. Cattle evolved to eat grass, and the result is an animal that does not need antibiotics. At this time, we have beef and available for fall delivery. You're welcome here, and we invite you to come and see what we do and how we do it.. We're really looking forward to serving you.
    Produce: Grassfed beef, Lamb and fresh produce in season
    Delivery to These Areas: Sarnia , Petrolia, Ryan Farm @ 2617 Lasalle Line
    Area of Coverage: Sarnia, Bright's Grove, Camlachie, Wyoming, Petrolia, Brigden, Corunna


Thedford * view map *

  • Hornblower Homestead and Orchards
    Sarah Hornblower
    7567 Ridge Road Thedford, Ontario (519) 296-4403

    Description: Pork, chicken, duck, turkey, guinea fowl, rabbit and eggs. In-season vegetables and fruits including sweet cherries Pasture raised, IPM farm.
    Limited number of shares.
    Deadline is April 1st. Delivery is from May till November. Email for more details.
    Produce: meat, fruit and veggie CSA
    Delivery to These Areas: London and Sarnia as well as farm pickup
    Area of Coverage: London, Sarnia, Grand Bend, Strathroy, Watford, Forest

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Almonte * view map *

  • Family Farm, Maple Forest Produce
    M. McEwen
    Almonte, Ontario (613) 327-9279

    Description: Seasonal wild produce- wild garlic, mushroom, berries Delivery to these areas: Ottawa, Almonte. Area covered: Ottawa, Kanata, Almonte, Carleton Place, Perth. Description: In the family for over one hundred years, the 126 acres farm comprises mixed forest, maple bush and numerous small fields planted to crops including garden fruits and vegetables.

    The farm's forests provides maple products including significant quantiy of maple syrup processed in the traditional wood fired evaporation method used on the farm. Other products include wild garlic (ailes de bois), wild berries and cultured mushrooms are collected from the forest. Maintaining the maple syrup operations releases byproducts for sale from the farm including; specimen trees for transplanting, christmas trees and firewood. Farm buildings have been built with lumber and logs from thinning and clearing on the farm and small quantities of lumber and unique forest products are available to the public. Numerous small fields are cropped in grain, hay and garden vegetable and fruit products.

    2009 is the first year of CSA operation and a small number of subscribers looking for farm and forest products from a balanced and low impact small farm operation in Easter Ontario are welcomed. This will never be a large operation. Value and quality of produce and products is promised. Traditional methods are emphasized.
    Produce: maple syrup and seasonal garden

  • Riverside Garden Organic (not-certified)
    David & Inez McCreery
    , Ontario ( 613) 256-9699

    Pick-up Locations: Almonte, Old Ottawa South and the Stittsville Market.
    Dépôts à Almonte, à Ottawa Sud et au marché de Stittsville.

  • Rock-N-Horse Farm
    Arlee and Diane Sheets
    1267 Rae Road Almonte, Ontario (613) 256-6117

    Description: Our 4th generation farm is worked with horses. We offer our customers the opportunity to see where their food comes from. We provide good wholesome food year round. CSA shares - Spring, Summer, Fall or Year Round.
    Produce: All kinds of vegetables, herbs, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, maple syrup and more.
    Delivery to These Areas:
    Almonte, Carleton Place
    Area of Coverage: Almonte, Carleton Place, Pakenham, Stittsville, Kanata, Ottawa, Carp

  • Saffire Farms
    Gord McGregor
    , Ontario (613) 256-3383

    Description: We grow a variety of organic vegetables and garlic. There is also grass fed beef available at the farm.
    Delivery to These Areas: Almonte, Ottawa, Kanata
    Area of Coverage: Almonte, Ottawa, Kanata

  • Teamwork CSA
    P.O Box 838 Almonte
    , Ontario (613) 296-0599

    Description: I'm certified with Eco-Cert.
    Produce: I grow an array of organic vegetables. There is grass-fed beef and eggs (certified organic) available at the farm as well.
    Pick-up Locations: at the farm and drop off sites in Ottawa.


Balderson * view map *

  • Maple Hill Farm
    , Ontario (613) 264-8642

    Produce: dairy, vegetables

Clayton * view map *

  • Heritage Haven Farm
    Sylvia Whyte
    , Ontario (613) 256-0646

    Produce: Naturally grown seasonal vegetables, pasture raised meat chickens, eggs, maple syrup and fall decorations.
    Delivery to These Areas: Westboro, Almonte, Carleton Place with the possibility of others drop offs or pick up at the farm.
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa, Kanata, Mississippi Mills, Carleton Place, Pakenham, Calabogie, Lanark, Perth, Renfrew, Arnprior

Hopetown * view map *

  • Dandelion Patch Organic Farm
    Hopetown, Ontario (613) 259-2656

    Description: Organic farm producing organic garlic, potatoes, onions and cut flowers. Member of the CSA box programme. Farm gate sales.


Maberly * view map *

  • Lanark Highlands Grass Fed Beef
    Ken Toews
    358 Burke Lane, Maberly, Ontario (613) 268-2772

    CLICK TO VIEW more detailed information!

    Description: Our Beef is raised exclusively in the rolling hills of the Lanark Highlands on pasture that has been grazing cattle for almost 200 years. Located about an hour from Ottawa, far from the maddening crowd.
    Produce: Beef Chicken Lettuce
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa Kingston Perth Carleton Place Almonte Kanata Balderson Fallbrooke

  • Ravensfield
    Titia Posthuma
    , Ontario (613) 268-2248

    Description: Vegetables, herbs, pastured pork. Available at Kingston Farmers’ Market and at Foodsmiths and weekly CSA food box (Perth). Certified Organic

Perth * view map *

  • Threefold Farm
    Cameron Sideroad
    , Perth, Ontario (613) 485-3500

    Description: Threefold Farm is a small family farm near Perth Ontario. We actively farm about twenty acres and manage 45 acres of forest and wetlands. We believe that food is our closest connection with the natural world that sustains our bodies and our communities and that agriculture is the most obvious intersection of nature and culture. Through farming we hope to bring our selves and our community closer to an understanding of the natural world. Of course, a farm cannot exist without a community to support it. A farm like ours needs shareholders that are willing to take the leap into local, seasonal eating. Rest assured that what at first may seem like a sacrifice will prove to be quite the opposite. The flavor of California produce that has ripened on a truck pales before the vitality of locally adapted varieties locally harvested and delivered fresh. Thank you for supporting your local CSA farmers!
    Produce: Fresh vegetables, eggs and bread.
    Delivery to These Areas: Perth, Kanata, Ottawa
    Area of Coverage: Perth, Lanark, Kanata, Ottawa

Smiths Falls * view map *

  • Goodwoods Farms
    Keith & Deb Salisbury
    1981 6th Line Beckwith
    , Smiths Falls, Ontario (613) 257-7168

    Description: The best thing about raising lamb and sheep is the connection we make with our customers. It is great to hear what is going on in their lives and it is especially gratifying to get feedback on our lamb" declares the Natural Lamb team. Our lambs are raised by their mothers in open air and sunshine on lush, rotating pastures. This lifestyle results in leaner, "heart healthy" meat that is popular with consumers. Their product was a prize winner at the 2007 Feast of Fields. The Salisburys carefully manage their respective flocks so that Natural Lamb can provide customers with a year-round supply of meat. This includes prepared specialties such as samosas, lamb pie and shepherds pie which are available at Christmas and Easter. CSA Chicken & Lamb are available in April 2010. For information please email or call us.
    Produce: Organic Lamb (Natural Lamb),Pasture Reared Chickens, Organic Vegetables Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa,Smiths Falls,Perth,Carleton Place,Carp
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa,Smiths Falls,Perth,Carleton Place,Carp


Watson's Corners * view map *

  • Jennifer Matz and John Eastcott
    Watson's Corners
    , Ontario (613) 259-5475

    Description: Organic vegetables in season. Commmunity Shared Agriculture (CSA Box). Greenhouse.

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Delta * view map *

  • none at this time

Elizabethtown * view map *

  • Upper Canada Heritage Farm
    Barbara Schaefer
    11351 Miller Road, Elizabethtown, Ontario (613) 924-1234

    CLICK TO VIEW more detailed information!
    Description: Upper Canada Heritage Meat raises heirloom breeds of livestock - exclusively - using both traditional and modern farming methods on our 100 acre farm south of Merrickville. Our animals live well - roaming outside year round, getting plenty of play and exercise, fully expressing their natural instincts and socializing with the other animals and people on the farm. They are free of hormones, steroids, antibiotics, growth stimulants or chemicals of any kind. The result is a pure product that is safe, nutritious and absolutely delicious!
    Produce: Heritage meats only - pork from the Large Black Pig, beef from the Lincoln Red, and chicken from the Chantecler and Silver Gray Dorking
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa and area
    Area of Coverage: Kingston, Brockville, Smiths Falls, Merrickville, Athens


Gananoque * view map *

  • Ironwood Gardens
    Chris & Mary Wooding
    Gananoque, Ontario (613) 382-8709

    Description: CSA or Gananoque and Lansdowne Farmers' Markets
    Produce: Fruits & vegetables, currants, plums, berries

  • Roots Down Organic Farm
    Jeff & Sue Klug
    145 Taylor Rd. West, Gananoque, Ontario (613) 382-9568

    Description: Various vegetables & herbs plus organic eggs, chicken & honey CSA with market-style pick up. Wednesday pickup locations: on the farm, downtown Kingston, the Sydenham Ward/Queen’s neighbourhood and the West End Kingston. Saturday pickup locations: Kingston Farmers Market and Ottawa’s Main Market


Jasper * view map *

  • Heritage Harvest Farm
    Angela Peladeau
    76 Crystal Rd,
    Jasper, Ontario (613) 702-4128

    CLICK TO VIEW more detailed information!

    We provide organic, sustainable food choices for families, providing them an alternative to the grocery stores. Unlike commercial producers, we guarantee your food safety. Our farm is insurance of always having a safe reliable food source. Our farm is recognized as being the only Year Round Full Diet CSA in Ontario. We are located on 36 acres near Merrickville, Ontario. Our goal is to offer our customers a connection to real food, a sustainable farm and true health by providing traditional, high quality, organic pasture-raised meats and organically grown produce.

    Produce: Animals Raised: Large Black Pig, Dexter Cows, Rhode Island Red Chickens All animals are raised outdoors and are pastured/free range. We believe that allowing animals to live in their natural environment produces happy healthy animals and top quality meat and eggs. Organic free range brown eggs, Maple Syrup, Bread, Beans, green and yellow · Broccoli · Brussels sprouts · Cabbage · Carrots · Cauliflower · Cucumbers, slicing and pickling, Lettuce (and other salad greens) · Green Onions · Peas · Potatoes · Pumpkins · Red & Golden beets · Summer Squash, several varieties · Winter Squash, Swiss chard · Tomatoes, cherry, paste, slicing · Spinach. Okra. Melons. Herbs And More!
    Delivery to These Areas: Smiths Falls, Jasper, Kemptville, Brockville
    Area of Coverage: Almonte, Carleton Place, Jasper, Merrickville, Kemptville, Brockville, Perth


Merrickville * view map *

  • Knotty Bottoms Farm
    Rob and Lisa St Denis
    698 Putnam Rd, Merrickville, Ontario (613) 800-0157

    Description: The specific crops are sorted out when we receive our orders. We pick and choose what our members want and grow that as well as other produce, rather than having fixed offerings that may or may not be what our members want. Our general list of produce is available on our website. This year we are expanding our pastured poultry and adding maple syrup.
    Produce: Chicken, Produce, Maple Syrup
    Delivery to These Areas: Merrickville, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, Jasper, Eastons Corners, Ottawa (large orders only)
    Area of Coverage: Merrickville, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, Jasper, Eastons Corners, Ottawa (large orders only)

  • New Terra Farm
    Scott Kelland
    13510 County Rd. 15 Merrickville
    , Ontario (613) 269-3884

    New Terra Farm is a small, family owned enterprise located near Merrickville, Ontario. We raise a variety of meats and vegetables following natural, sustainable agricultural practices. We believe this results in good food that's also good for you! We will deliver a basket of farm fresh veggies direct to your door each week of our growing season. Free range organic eggs also available in season.
    Area Coverage: Eastern Ontario, Merrickville, Burritts Rapids, Kemptville, Oxford Mills, Oxford Station

Oxford Mills * view map *

  • Sunflower Farm CSA
    Maude and Wendell Joyce
    680 Jig Street, Oxford Mills
    , Ontario (613) 875-6590

    Description: Our Story: The Joyce family continues a six generation tradition of farming in Canada. Producing food and protecting the land that we hold in trust for our children is our passion. We are re-inventing our family beef farm to give it an exciting new mission: "Dedicating our talent and effort to provide ground beef for those in need in our community."

    Why should I become a supporter of a CSA Farm working for a charitable cause?
    Every day in the Ottawa region, in the midst of a culture of plenty, many individuals and families who are less fortunate must turn to community food banks for emergency aid. It can happen to anyone. Increasingly, in the current economic context, there are people using the community food bank who would never have thought that in their lifetime they would need food aid to make it through the month.

    Your support of Sunflower Farm CSA will ensure that community food bank or designated charity patrons receive nutritious beef as part of their food hamper. For more information and to become a member, please visit our website.
    Produce: beef producers
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa, Oxford Mills
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa

Spencerville * view map *

  • Aubin Farm
    Tim and Roshan Aubin
    , Ontario (613) 658-5721

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Amherst Island * view map *

  • Island Growing Company
    Laird, Julie and JP Leeder
    5605 Front Road, Stella, Ontario (613) 887-2342

    Description: Come grow with our family as we turn to our roots and live off our own land. Island Growing Company is located on our small acreage in the village of Stella, by the shores of Lake Ontario on Amherst Island. Our start-up activities include maple syrup production, CSA gardening using organic methods, and a road-side farm stand. We will have fresh, brown, organic eggs in Spring 2010 and our local whole wheat flour will be available at our farm stand in early summer. Our goal is to provide fresh, local food using sustainable methods and organic models not only for ourselves but for our local community. Come grow with us as we begin this journey!
    Vegetables, Fruit (as available), Eggs (in Fall)
    Delivery to These Areas: Kingston, Amherst Island, Bath, Collins Bay
    Area of Coverage: Kingston, Napanee, Bath


Bath * view map *

  • There are no farms listed here at this time


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Little Current * view map *

  • LoonSong Garden
    Paul Salanki Little & Heather Thoma
    Current, Manitoulin Island, Ontario (705) 368-0460

    Description: 50 share CSA, local farmers’market with farm gate availability starting in 2008. Wide array of vegetables as well as grains, flour and beans. Organic/Biodynamic.

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London * view map *

  • Janssens Farm CSA
    Diane Janssens
    5885 Falconbridge Dr. Appin, ON (519) 289-2499

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    Description: Janssens farm fresh produce was first established in 1984 we started out growing apples. From the apples we expanded to a variety of other fruits and vegetables. In 2010 we decided to construct high tunnels which we use for soil grown fruit and vegetables. In these high tunnels we can grow healthier and better quality fruits and vegetables with little to no pesticide use to sell to our customers. With over 40 different fruits and vegetables in production we are now opening our own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We will be accepting applications for the first 50 people in this program.
    Produce: Apples Beans Beets Bok Choy Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Blackberries Black Radishes Cabbage Cantaloupe Carrots Cilantro Cherry Tomatoes Celery Cauliflower Cucumber Eggplant Garlic (NEW TO 2013!) Herbs Hot Peppers Kale Kolhlrabi Lettuce Onion Okra parsnip peas peppers potato Plums Purple turnip Radish Raspberries Rhubarb Romaine Lettuce Rutabaga Spinach Squash Sea Buckthorn Strawberries Swiss Chard Tomato (cherry Roma and slicing) Tomatillos Watermelon White turnip Zucchini
    Delivery to These Areas: Strathroy Chatham Aylmer St.Thomas London 3 locations Stratford Grand Bend Appin
    Area of Coverage: Strathroy Mount Bridges Glencoe London

  • Triple Cord Organic CSA
    Julie - email
    London, Ontario and Aylmer, Ontario (289) 775-4865

    CLICK TO VIEW more detailed information!

    Description: Enjoy the benefits of eating healthy, local, fresh, organic veggies and fruit at a very affordable price. Our group of growing “share-holders” consists of a variety of eating styles and lifestyles. Among them are Vegans, Vegetarians and Omnivores; all who equally enjoy their shares, for many personal and health reasons.

    Triple Cord CSA is a group of Amish Family Farms working with the land bringing Food Shares to Community Households in London and Aylmer with Fresh, Quality, Local Certified Organic Vegetables and Fruit. They invite you to share the benefits of their summer and fall gardens. 

Mt. Brydges * view map *

  • Brown Farms
    Leigh Brown
    22708 Glen Oak Rd, Melbourne Ont
    ario (519) 289-1115

    Description: We supply produce for the summer and bring it to you. If I dont have something listed that you are interested in, contact me!
    Produce: Corn, Beans, Squash, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Tomatoes, raspberries, lettuce, celery, cucumbers and more
    Delivery to These Areas: London, Mt Brydges, Strathroy, Dorchester, Belmont, Sarnia, contact us if we havent listed your town!
    Area of Coverage: London, Mt Brydges, Strathroy, Dorchester, Belmont, Sarnia


Nairn * view map *

  • Sunnivue Farm
    Alex and Ellinor Nurnberg
    RR #1 Nairn
    , Ontario (519) 232-9096


Strathroy * view map *

  • Touch of Maple Farm - listed under the town of London

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Huntsville * view map *

  • Ivanita Farm & Meats
    Ivan and Anita Maw
    222 Fowler Road RR#5, Huntsville,Ontario (705) 789-0837

    Description: Ivanita Farm & Meats (a member of Savour Muskoka) is proud to announce the launch of their Community Supported Agriculture Program. The Ivanita Farm CSA program will consist of a base meat package of beef and pork, supplemented with poultry. Other products include Maple Syrup (from our family sugar bush), Preserves from Gramma's Summer Kitchen and farm fresh eggs. We offer 3 share options: Half Share (suitable for 2 people), Full Share (suitable for a Family of 4) and Full Share+(Suitable for a large family or if you want to put extra away for winter). If you are interested in more information please email us or call and we can send you our full information package.
    Produce: Beef, Pork, Chickens, Turkeys, Lamb, Rabbit, Maple Syrup, Eggs
    Delivery to These Areas: Huntsville, Port Sydney, Novar, Dwight (Delivery charges will apply)
    Area of Coverage: Huntsville, Port Sydney, Novar, Dwight, Bracebridge, Burks Falls, Dorset, Baysville


Milford Bay * view map *

  • Brooklands Farm
    Ken & Katya Riley
    Bracebridge, Ontario (705) 764-1888

    Description: Established in 1876, we are a full time 6th generation family farm with 300 acres of wetlands, lake front, ponds and forest, and 40 acres of cultivated land. We produce maple syrup, berries and a diversity of vegetables which are sold from the farm to local clientele and to numerous restaurants and chefs. In the summer of 2008 a CSA program was initiated. We are strongly committed to maintaining soil fertility through sustainable and biological practices. The farm has an antique business and sells local honey and preserves. A 150 year old log house is being converted into a facility that will house a culinary destination promoting local chefs. Both Ken and Katya have worked with small farmers in Africa, and Asia, and are concerned with local and global food issues.
    Produce: Maple Syrup, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Raspberries, Potatoes and all other seasonal produce.
    Delivery to These Areas: All of Muskoka
    Area of Coverage: All of Muskoka

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Jordan Station * view map *

  • none at this time


Ridgeway * view map *

  • Sexsmith Farm Co-op
    Debbie Sexsmith
    2778 Dominion Road, Ridgeway, Ontario (905) 894-4690

    Description: In 2010 four local farmers created Sexsmith Farm Co-operative We are a community of farmers whose mission is to cultivate a secure sustainable food production and distribution system rooted in Niagara We would like to be "your farm". We offer a 20 week CSA from June to Thanksgiving of fresh, naturally-grown vegetables available from June until Thanksgiving. Please join us.
    Produce: Our 2011 Seed List includes more than 40 crops and 100 different varieties!
    Delivery to there areas: Ridgeway, Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Welland, Thorold, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines
    Area of Coverage: Ridgeway, Fort Erie, Port Colborne, Welland, Thorold, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines


Sherkston * view map *

  • Fairwind Farm
    Leslie Thomas
    5449 Michener Rd. Sherkston
    , Ontario (905) 894-6178

    Description: Fairwind is a small, family run farm speciallizing in heirloom and unique varieties of produce. Though not certified organic, we follow organic and ecological farming practices. 2010 is our eleventh year in market gardening. In addition to our CSA, our produce is available at the farmgate and at Port Colborne Farmers Market(Friday mornings), Ridgeway Farmers Market (Saturday mornings) and Calidonia Farmers Market (Thursday evenings).

    Produce: asparagus, beans, beets, carrots, chard, salad greens, onions, scallions, shallots, leeks, potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet & hot peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, ground cherries, strawberries, raspberries, oriental vegetables, radishes, summer & winter squash, fresh & dried herbs, cut flowers
    Delivery to These Areas: Port Colborne, Ridgeway
    Area of Coverage: Port Colborne, Fort Erie, St. Catharines, Welland, Wainfleet, Sherkston, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach,


St. Catharines * view map *

  • Creek Shore Farms
    Amanda Thiessen
    1167 Lakeshore Rd West St. Catharines
    , Ontario (289) 228-0697

    Description: We are a small, family run farm established in 2009 specializing in providing fresh and delicious vegetables during the late fall and winter months. Everything we grow is done without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilzers and is GMO free. We aim to aid the natural process, rather than work against it and try to use the tools that nature has provided whenever we can. We also offer a limited summer CSA.
    Produce: We grow a wide selection of organic vegetables including but not limited to: beans, peas, squash, heirloom tomatoes, leeks, eggplant, radishes, broccoli, kale, cabbage, herb, garlic, zucchini, cucumber, gourds, pumpkins.
    Delivery to These Areas: Delivery is available to locations listed on our current years CSA flyer. Viewable at:
    Area of Coverage: St.Catharines, Jordan, Vineland, Beamsville, Grimsby, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls

  • Lake Land Meats & Farm Market
    Arden Vaughn
    1226 St. Paul St. W., St. Catharines
    , Ontario (905) 688-4570

    Description: The Vaughn family has been farming in west St. Catharines since 1902 and at its present location since 1918. Three generations work together to farm 250 acres, which include livestock, pasture, hay production, cash crops, market gardening and eggs. We currently run a 25-head Hereford/Angus beef cow/calf-to-finish operation. This means that we take care of the beef we raise from start to finish. We feed our own home-grown hay to our cattle, as well as corn for finishing, with no hormones or additives in their feed.

    We started into deer and wild boar farming in 1986. Our red deer/elk hybrid herd now stands at 40 females. We raise our deer from start to finish as well, with complete control over their feed and care (no hormones or feed additives). Although we have grown vegetables for years, we didn't retail them until 2009, when we offered our first produce CSA programme. It was a great success and we are looking to expand it. In 2010 we are offering our first meat CSA programme. It will be a five year programme that will help us build enough capital to start the next phase in our business, namely a production kitchen and culinary studio. We opened our on-farm store in 1995 which now retails a wide selection of game meats, traditional meats, eggs, CSA baskets, fresh seasonal produce and pickles and preserves from our garden.
    Produce: Variety of vegetables, herbs, eggs, local and naturally grown traditional and game meats
    Delivery to These Areas: pick up at our farm
    Area of Coverage: St. Catharines, Thorold, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Welland, Smithville, Jordan, Vineland, Beamsville, Grimsby

  • Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm - listed under the town of Wellandport

Stevensville * view map *

  • Chez Nous Farms
    Rick or Shirley
    2192 Stevensville Rd, Stevensville, Ontario (905) 382-1556

    Description: Our farm has been called a labor of love and that it is. We run a small diversified farm which we feel offers a large variety of the highest quality foods. No corner is ever cut and we take much pride in our product. We are very concerned with the food system and the environment and have taken the matter into our own hands by producing our own healthy food and share the harvest with you! We believe that agriculture should nurture the grower, the consumer and the earth. We operate out of a small on site kiosk as well as through our CSA.
    Our 2013 CSA arrangement has been divided into 3 sections. Spring Summer and Fall. Weekly basket value is 25$ and can be picked up at the farm. We take orders spring through summer for our pastured poultry. We run a fairly interactive farm blog which updates weekly. Check what's available before you drive out! New for 2013 is an online seedling catalog for locals in which 100 varieties of seedlings(tomatoes,peppers and eggplants) can be pre-ordered however there are limited quantities so order early! There will also be an on-site seedling sale in spring.
    Produce: We offer over 100 varieties of certified organic heirloom vegetables and herbs. We also raise laying hens, meat poultry and new this season turkeys and ducks all of which are raised outdoors and supplemented with only certified organic grains.
    Delivery to These Areas: There will not be any CSA deliveries this year. CSA pick up will be offered Wednesdays and Saturdays.
    Area of Coverage: Fort-Erie, Sherkston, Niagara Falls, Stevensville, Welland


Welland * view map *

  • Kinsella's Simply Organics
    Debbie Kinsella
    11323 Montrose Rd, Welland, Ontario (289) 696-7178

    Description: We're a certified organic farm set between rural Welland and Niagara Falls. Our 22-acre property includes managed wetlands and forests, as well 2 acres dedicated to farming.  We believe in being good stewards of our land, using environmentally safe and sustainable farming methods to grow delicious local produce that nourishes people *and* the planet.
    Everything we grow is guaranteed:
    - free from chemical pesticides
    - non-GMO
    - hand-harvested at its peak
    Produce: Certified organic vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. Including beets, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, kale, tomatoes, lettuces, green, gourds, squash, beans, peppers (sweet and hot), basil, oregano, eggplant, onions and much more.
    Delivery to These Areas: Weekly basket pick up is available Saturdays at the farm.
    Area of Coverage: Welland, Niagara Falls, Ridgeway, Fort Erie, Sherkston, Stevensville.


Wellandport * view map *

  • Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm
    Linda Crago
    74038 Regional Road #45, Wellandport, Ontario (905) 386-7388

    Description: Tree and Twig has served Niagara as a CSA since 1997. Focus is on quality vegetables, specialty is heirloom tomatoes, selling seeds and seedlings in the spring. Committed to diversity in organic agriculture, involved with international efforts towards this end. Vegan friendly agriculture, weekly blog post and recipes for members and on farm activities. Experience something different-eat in the past!
    Produce: Organic heirloom vegetables, hundreds of unique and interesting varieties.
    Delivery to These Areas:
    Welland/Fonthill/ St Catharines/Wellandport.
    Area of Coverage: An easy drive from Hamilton and Burlington.

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Cache Bay * view map *

  • Field Good Farms / Ferme j'me champ bien
    Ryan or Isabelle
    1345 Levac Road, Cache Bay, Ontario (705) 978-1664

    Description: About us: We are a local farm focused on providing the local community with great food! We operate on 10 acres of land just West of Cache Bay, Ontario. We want to know the people that eat the food we produce and we want our customers to know us, the farmers. Our process is pesticide and herbicide free and we use no chemical fertilizers. We also do not plant GMO crops or feed them to our animals. All of the seeds we buy are either organic or heirloom varieties. We always operate with health and ecology in mind.
    We offer from our farm: CSA Vegetable Shares (full and half shares are available) Pastured Poultry (organically-fed) Eggs from pastured chickens (organically-fed) Wildcrafted Teas

    Our farm is open to all to come see what we are doing, to learn about our farming practices, or to just have fun on the farm. Once the veggies start to ripen we start to deliver them to you. Deliveries typically start by the week of July 1st at the latest but we aim to have earlier deliveries, weather permitting. From that point on we will make weekly deliveries until the end of October. The deliveries are at a central drop-off point that we deem to be most convenient for the majority of the members.

    As farmers, our hope is to grow the freshest, best tasting, and healthiest food we can. We take a lot of pride in the food we grow and want to uphold the presence of good local food direct from the farm. Please call us, email us or visit our website to see what we have to offer!

    Produce: Pastured Poultry (supplemental feed is all organic), Eggs from organically-fed, pastured hens, and wildcrafted teas made on site. Produce for the CSA program include: snow peas, shelling peas, spinach, lettuce, radish, swiss chard, green beans, yellow beans, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, zucchini, patty pans, cucumbers, pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries, onions, bunching onions, melons, watermelons, potatoes, carrots, beets, beet greens, rutabagas, summer squash, winter squash, many varieties of garlic, peppers, hot peppers, fennel, corn, pumpkins, pie pumpkins, kohlrabi, basic, dill, thyme, and coriander.
    Delivery to These Areas: Sudbury, Sturgeon Falls, and North Bay.
    Area of Coverage: Sudbury, Val Caron, Hanmer, Garson, Coniston, City of Greater Sudbury, Val Thérèse, Warren, Lavigne, Verner, Cache Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Garden Village, Beaucage, North Bay, Callander, Field, River Valley, West Nipissing, Crystal Falls, Bonfield, Nipissing, Blezard Valley, Capreol.

* view map *

  • Dalew Farms (not-certified organic)
    Chantal and Dave
    10781 Hwy 64, Lavigne
    , Ontario (705) 594-1823

    CLICK TO VIEW more detailed information!

    Produce: · Beans, green and yellow · Broccoli · Brussels sprouts · Cabbage, red, green, savoy · Carrots · Cauliflower · Cucumbers, slicing and pickling · Kale · Lettuce (and other salad greens) · Onions, green and cooking · Peas · Potatoes red and white · Pumpkins · Red beets · Spaghetti Squash · Sweet corn · Sweet potatoes · Swiss chard · Tomatillos · Tomatoes · Zucchini, green and yellow · And More!

Mattawa * view map *

  • Holden's Hide Away Farm
    Robert Holden
    150 Floods Rd, Mattawa, Ontario (705) 744-5251

    Description: Holden's Hide Away Farm grows vegetables using organic principals. We do not use GMOs or chemical herbicides, pesticides, fubgicides or fertilizers. We grow a diversity of crops and livestock because thats the way mother nature does it.Our goal is to be completely sustainable and provide the most nutritous and tasty crops possible. We choose mostly heritage type crops because they were bred for taste and quality.
    Produce: We offer a variety of vegetables including beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts,cabbage, carrots, cauliflower,celery, collards, corn,cucumbers, eggplant, ground cherries,kale, lettus, melons,onions, peas, peppers,potatoes, pumpkins, radicchio, chicory, raddish, spinach, squash, swiss chard,tomatoes, turnip, water melon,zucchini, basil, parsley, chives,cilantro, dill, rosemary,sage, thyme. Meats and poultry including grass fed beef and lamb, pastured pork, poultry and eggs.
    Delivery to These Areas: North Bay, Mattawa, Sunridge
    Area of Coverage: North Bay, Mattawa, Sunridge, Burk's Falls, Powassan, Trout Creek, Bonfield, Corbiel.

North Bay * view map *

  • Soutar's Highland Farm (click here to view our Facebook page)
    Donna Soutar Bilan
    900 & 1000 Tower Drive, North Bay, Ontario (705) 493-3679

    CLICK TO VIEW more detailed information!

    Produce: Beans burgundy and yellow, Beets & Beet Greens, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower White & Veronique, Carrots, Celery, Celeriac,
    Cucumber, Garlic & Garlic Scapes, Ground Cherries, Herbs including Mint, Basil, Bergamot, Dill, Cilantro, Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mescaline Mix, Lambs Quarters, Lettuce, Onions green & cooking yellow, white & red, Parsnips, Peas, Peppers Green & Purple, Potatoes Red, white & blue, Purslane, Spinach, Squash including Amber Cup, Hubbard & Delicata, Radishes, Sun chokes (Jerusalem Artichokes), Swiss chard,
    Tomatillos, Tomatoes, Zucchini Round, Yellow & Green
    Delivery to These Areas:1000 Tower Drive, North Bay
    Area of Coverage: North Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Corbeil, Astorville, Powassan, Mattawa, Martin River, Redbridge

  • Yoder Farms CSA
    Sarah Yoder
    208 Church Lane, Powassan , Ontario (705) 724-9546

    Description: Our farms have been using natural and sustainable growing practices as much as possible and avoid using any chemical sprays or fertilizers; rather we add nutrients to the soil with compost, rock minerals and/or seaweed. For pest control we prefer floating row covers or companion planting, but only as a second choice to healthy soil.
    Produce: We are offering a large variety of fresh vegetables and some fruits. Our meat choices include Lamb, Turkey, Chicken and some pork and beef. Weekly box of in season veggies including beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, corn, kale, lettuce, peppers, radishes, tomatoes and more.

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Simcoe * view map *

  • Sweet Pea C.S.A
    Amanda & Andrew McCracken
    387 Fishers Glen Rd, Vittoria, Ontario (519) 410-3574 Main OR (226) 931-1069

    Description: Sweet Pea began in 2010 and is based in Vittoria Ontario. Owned and operated by Amanda and Andrew McCracken. We are focused on sustainable business practices for our farm, currently produce all our heating needs with a furnace that is fueled with peanut shells, wood and other clean burnable waste made by our farm and construction sites from homes and other farms. We also run our tractors on used peanut oil. Our field and garden are mulched with peanut shells. Sweet Peas' produce is grown year round in an old tobacco greenhouse. We also have a 4 acres of land that has been grown organically for the past 4 years. We grow a wide variety of produce that you will not be able to find in a grocery store! Shareholders receive a newsletter with growing cycle details and recipes with foods received. In off season months (November-February) we offer a small biweekly share including fresh grown salad mix, cooking greens, herbs and storage crops including potato, sweet potato, garlic, beets,onions, carrots, squash etc.
    Produce: A variety of cooking greens including Kale, Swiss Chard, Collards, Spinach. Beautiful Salad Mix that contains many lettuces, baby beet greens, baby chard, arugula, edible flowers and herbs. Head Lettuce, Sprouts, Tomatoes, sweet & hot Peppers, Ground Cherry, Tomitillo, Radish, Beets, Carrots, Okra, Kohlrabi, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Watermelon, Peanuts, Grapes, Many Squash, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Beans, Peas, Zucchini, Leeks, Cucumber, Onions, Potatoes, Rhubarb, Many Herbs and much more!
    Delivery to These Areas: Our share pick up is at the Urban Parisian in Port Dover ( corner of Main & Chapman) Wednesdays 4:00-6:00 May 1st to the end of September. We sell extra items to non members here as well. Winter shares are biweekly only are are picked up at the farm in Vittoria.
    Area of Coverage: All of Norfolk County


Walsingham * view map *

  • Spring Arbour Farm
    Ken Mcmullen and Joan Shirlow
    RR 1 Walsingham
    , Ontario (519) 875-4883

Waterford * view map *

  • Fresh Start Farm
    Ben James
    2899 Cockshutt Rd, Waterford, ON (905) 328-5517

    Description: 2014 is our 2nd year farming full time, and it will be our first at our new, permanent home in Waterford, Ontario. 2013 was a great year for us, and we are looking forward to building on it. All of our produce is organically grown from organic or untreated seed. We work hard to provide the freshest, best tasting produce available! For more information, and to see all kinds of pictures from last year, check out our website, or look us up on Facebook!
    Produce: We grow a wide array of produce including: Arugula Artichoke Acorn Squash Basil Beans Green Beans Yellow Beans Purple Beans Pole Beans Heirloom Beets Beets Golden Beets Chioggia Bok Choi Broccoli Broccoli Chinese Butternut Squash Buttercup Squash Carrots yellow Carrots orange Carrots Short Chard Chard Rainbow Cucumber Cucumber Pickling Cucumber Mini Cabbage Green Cabbage Red Cabbage Savoy Cabbage Napa Cantaloup Melon Celery Cilantro Collard Greens Corn Sweet Corn Indian Delicata Squash Dill Eggplant Eggplant White Eggplant Purple Fennel Garlic Ground Cherry Gourds Horseradish Hot Peppers Kale Kale Curly Kale Red Russian Kale Dinosaur Kolrabi Komatsuna Lettuce Mix Lettuce Romaine Lettuce Red Romaine Lettuce Butterhead Lettuce Leaf Lettuce Red Leaf Leeks Early Leeks Late Mibuna Onions spring Onions bulb Onions bulb red Onion cippolini Onion cippolini red Onions Shallots Peas Pepper Red Pepper Green Potatoes Parsley Parsnips Pumpkins Pumpkins white Pumpkins Cindarella Pumpkin Musque de Province Pumpkins Japanese Pumpkins Pie Radish Readis French Br Radish White Spaghetti Squash Spinach Sunflowers Turnip Cherry Tomato Mixed Tomato beefsteak heirloom variety Tomato Roma Tomatillo Watermelon Watermelon small Zucchini Zucchini Pattypan Zucchini Italian

    Delivery to These Areas: CSA bags can be picked up Saturday mornings at the Welland or Cambridge Farmers Markets, or at the farm.
    Area of Coverage: Brantford, Waterford, Simcoe, Hamilton, Cambridge, Welland, Hagersville, Dunnville, St. Catharines

  • Samsara Fields
    Soyoung Lee / JP Gural
    206 Charles St, Waterford
    , Ontario (519) 443-7311

    Description: Samsara Fields was conceived by JP Gural and So Young Lee after their global research journey conducted in 2008 - 2009, as a response to our planet's peril. From their research, they found organic living to be not an alternative lifestyle choice but an important direction if humanity wants to survive an impending evironmental collapse. One of the key ingredients for sustainable living is good quality, locally-produced food. They speicalise heirloom varieites that most consumers don't have chance to purchase in any supermarkets due to the current food system. They give special heirloom recipes as well as monthly box programs that has unique produce from their own farm work. Samsara Fields is a certified organic farm.
    Produce: Organic Heirloom varieties of vegetables. specialising garlic (30 kinds of heirloom garlic) and shallots. Also various kinds of heirloom green leaves, carrots, swiss chard, kale, potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, eggplants, beans, beets, herbs, zucchini, broccoli, corn, cucumber, and more greens.
    Delivery to These Areas: GTA - Toronto Simcoe, Norfolk (more details, please contact us)


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Arden * view map *

  • Elmtree Farm
    Tom Waller
    RR #4 Arden
    , Ontario (613) 335-3361
    Seasonal fruit and vegetables CSA catering to Ottawa and area.

    Produce: Seasonal fruit and vegetables CSA
    Area of Coverage: Arden, Ottawa and area
    Pick-up Locations: Centretown and Sandyhill. Dépôts au centre-ville et dans Côte-de-Sable.


Baltimore * view map *

  • Chestnut Hill Farm
    Kenneth Solway, Susan Graves
    RR#1 Baltimore, Ontario (905) 342-3618


Campbellcroft * view map *

  • Ganaraska Gardens
    Deana Huntsbarger
    9788 County Rd. 10, Ontario (905) 797-1057

    Description: Emphasis on small-scale, quality growing using organic and ecological practices. Working to connect folks with where food comes from and how we can nourish ourselves and the land. I love what I do!
    Basil, beans, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celeriac, celery, chard, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, greens, kale, leeks, lettuce, melons, onions, parsnips, peas, peppers, potatoes, radish, rhubarb, rutabaga, scallions, spinach, squash, tomatillo, tomatoes, turnips, zucchini (crops may vary from year to year). Also offering cut flowers and herbs.
    Delivery to These Areas: Millbrook, Port Hope, Peterborough, Lakefield
    Area of Coverage: Garden Hill, Campbellcroft, Millbrook, Port Hope, Peterborough, Lakefield


Campbellford * view map *

  • Strattons Farm - listed under the town of Stirling


Cobourg * view map *

  • North Gate Organics
    Tracy Sutherland & Jesse Hagedorn
    4002 McIntosh St. R.R.6. , Cobourg, Ontario (905) 342.5591

    Description: We are a small 4 acre farm located in Cold Springs, ON dedicated to growing our vegetables and poultry using certified organic methods. We put emphasis on building soil in order to feed our vegetables in the best way possible using certifed organic compost and green manure crops. Our chickens are fed certified, non-GMO organic grain and given plenty of outdoor space, as well as great care.
    The 2 1/2 acre garden and the chickens overlook Lake Ontario and the beautiful rolling hills of Northumberland. We like to think the plants and chickens enjoy the view!
    Produce: 30 different types of vegetables, whole chickens and chicken sausages, eggs and preserves.
    Delivery to These Areas: We are expanding our CSA in 2013 and will be offering a Wednesday night pick-up in downtown Cobourg and central drop-off in downtown Port Hope.
    Area of Coverage: Cobourg and Port Hope area

  • Wicklow Way Farm
    Elaina Asselin
    188 Lakeport Road, RR#3, Colborne, Ontario (905) 355-5260

    Description: We are a 5-acre "certified organic" market garden farm specializing in all heirloom varieties of produce with 150 varieties of tomatoes, 40 varieties of lettuces, all colours of beets and carrots, and so much more. Our passion and drive for organic and ecological farming practices, as well as food and cooking, are what keep us moving forward. We are at the Saturday Port Hope Farmers Market from 8am until noon and tend our farm gate stand on weekends from 11 am to 4 pm. Opening weekend is May 19-20 where we host our annual plant sale.

    We also have an 100 member CSA starting the third week of June to mid-October. We have heritage breed chickens and Muscovy ducks for meat and eggs, and this spring we will be pasturing our own pigs. We care for bees in our small apiary using top bar hives and no chemical treatments. Honey is available at farm gate or by request. We bake artisan sourdough breads and other baked goods in our outdoor wood-fired oven for sale to our CSA members and at farm gate on Saturdays.
    Produce: Certified Organic vegetables, chickens and ducks for meat and eggs, pastured pigs for meat.
    Delivery to These Areas: Farm gate on Saturday morning,the Saturday Port Hope Farmers Market, and Thursdays in the Leaside area in Toronto.
    Area of Coverage: Toronto/GTA, Port Hope, Cobourg, Grafton, Colborne, Brighton, Castleton, Warkworth


Frankford * view map *

  • Wooler Dale Farm
    John & Anne van der Heyden
    RR#1, 255 Richards Rd. Frankford
    , Ontario (613) 398-6421

    Description: The van der Heyden family with our four daughters has been growing vegetables for 20 years. Nestled in the Murray Hills of Northumberland County, we are located midway between Toronto and Kingston. The Wooler Dale Farm is situated on 18 acres of loamy clay soil. Our fourteen year crop rotation and compost system is essential to the sustainability of the highly fertile soil.
    We have White Button mushrooms available year-round as well as field-grown in-season vegetables. Our main in-season crop is Asparagus. All of our fresh produce is picked, packaged and delivered directly to customers by ourselves. Our certified organic farm is completely self-sufficient. Sustainable farming is accomplished through growing a variety of crops, composting, and family effort.
    Enjoy healthy, locally grown, organic vegetables all year round, starting with greens, asparagus and strawberries right through to the winter storage vegetables such as potatoes, squash, carrots, onions, garlic, and herbs.

Grafton * view map *

  • Roots and Hooves Farm
    Ann Woods
    530 Eddystone Road, Grafton
    , Ontario (905) 349-9953

    Description: We offer fresh food from our field to your table
    Farm gate sales
    Open daily Monday to Sunday
    Self-serve stand also
    Farm visits available by appointment.

    Our farm business has been in operation for 6 years. Formerly known as "Buy the Bushel - Smart Food Box," we have relaunched as "Roots and Hooves Farm," offering farm-gate sales of garlic, ever-bearing strawberries and lamb. We raise pure-bred British Suffolk, Polypay & new for 2010-2011 Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. They are pasture fed, living happily on grass and hay.

    We started farming because we realized that we wanted to know where our food came from. The best way for us to do that was to grow it ourselves. Using a combination of Belgian workhorses, traditional farm implements, hand tools & a tractor, we cultivate our fields in a sustainable manner. We add only natural matter such as food scraps, sheep & horse manure and kelp.

    Harvest Schedule
    We start off the season with maple syrup, made the old fashioned way, using buckets & spiles, collected by hand & boiled in our sugar shack over a wood fire. We end the season with root vegetables, squash & various brassicas.

    March/April - Maple syrup, asparagus
    May - Above, plus herbs, starter plant
    June -Herbs, rhubarb, mixed greens, strawberries
    July/August - Above, plus garlic scapes, swiss chard, brassicas (kohlrabi, kale, cabbage) root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, onions), beans, peas, summer squash, garlic bulbs (hardneck & softneck), celery, tomatoes
    September - Above, plus winter squash, pumpkins, herbs (fresh & dried)
    October/November - Garlic, lamb (whole, half or cuts) root vegetables, chard, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, winter squash, pumpkins

Hastings * view map *

  • Brookside Farm
    Barbara Klatt
    346 Concession12 East, Hastings, Ontario (705) 696-3307

    Description: we grow delicious and healthy vegetables from certified organic seeds for our community using strictly organic practices with minimal impact on our environment. We have no tractor or other oil-consuming farm machinery. We seed, plant and harvest our crops by hand, and use compost and cover crops to feed and maintain our soils. Because we provide a healthy and sustainable environment, our farm has become a sanctuary for all kinds of wild creatures., a wonderful reward. We would love to share our harvest with you. Learn more about us at:
    Produce: rare and unusual heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers
    Delivery to These Areas: We service the area of Hastings, Warkworth, Campbellford, Norwood and Havelock, and encourage CSA members to pick up at our farm.
    Area of Coverage: Hastings, Warkworth, Campbellford, Havelock, Norwood

  • Chick-a-Biddy Acres CSA
    Sherry Patterson
    5009 County Road 2, RR3 Hastings
    , Ontario (705) 696-3506

    Description: Chick-a-biddy Acres CSA is an 85 share CSA in operation since 2000.  We are located 1/2 hr. E of Peterborough.  Our CSA shares can be picked up Fridays at the farm gate, Saturdays at the Peterborough Farmer's Market, and in Toronto on Tuesdays at two drop off locations  We also offer to our members farm raised chicken, duck, pork, beef and eggs.  Honey from our hives and maple syrup from the neighbour are available seasonally.

  • Wholearth Farmstudio
    Montana Jones
    143 Concession Road 14, RR#2, Hastings, Ontario (705) 696-2556

    Click to view more detailed information!
    Produce: Taste the tradition of farm raised flavour! We grow many varieties of Heirloom vegetables and also offer Jersey Giant chicken eggs, honey and heritage meats. If you have never tried these meats you will be amazed at the succulence-enjoy a taste experience you'll never find in the supermarket.
    Area of Coverage: Kawarthas, Peterborough, Northumberland, Hastings, Campbellford, Warkworth, Roseneath, Havelock, Norwood, Keene, Stirling, Marmora,Madoc, Toronto, Oshawa, Cobourg, Port Perry, Peterborough


Port Hope * view map *

  • Wicklow Way Farm - listed under the town of Cobourg


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Manotick * view map *

  • Jambican Studio Gardens
    Colin K Samuels
    2969 River Rd, Manotick, Ontario (613) 299-9183

    Description: At jambican studio gardens we farm approximately 5 acres of vegetables and flowers (chemical-free), maintain a 20 acre woodlot and provide musical compositional services. At jambican we like to live healthily and happily, to embrace all of life's experiences, we believe that acceptance is the gift of life, and so we receive gifts with gratitude. We welcome visitors of all kinds, we encourage bio-diversity, we strive for balance in all things, and we GROW some really good food! A short video about the jambican csa food box program.
    A jambican share is: 3 bunches greens, 3 bunches roots, 2 bunches herbs, 3 boxes fruiting veggies, cut flowers, extras. Extras are : hot sauce, herb salt, grains (sorghum, millet and others), pesto, baked goods, berries, dried vegetables, tomato sauce, dry beans etc. Join us today!!
    Produce: vegetables
    Delivery to These Areas: osgoode, kars, ottawa, manotick, north gower, kemptville
    Area of Coverage: ottawa, osgoode, kars, north gower, manotick, kemptville, richmond, vernon, south mountain, hallville, metcalfe, greely


North Gower * view map *

  • Foster Family Farm
    Mel & Davonne Foster
    P.O. Box 196, North Gower, Ontario (613) 489-1893

    Description: Welcome to Foster Family Farm. Fresh Ontario Vegetables From Our Family to Yours... Foster Family Farm produces high quality vegetables for local consumption in both the retail and wholesale markets. Our company grows and sells a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from June to October.
    Produce: Seasonal vegetables
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa
    Area of Coverage:
    North Gower, Manotick, Kemptville, Kars, Osgoode, Ottawa


Ottawa * view map *

  • Bunching Onions CSA - listed under the town of Clarence/Rockland

  • Covenant Farm - located in the town of Clarence Creek

  • Elm Tree Farm
    Tom Waller
    1090 Hayes Rd., Arden, Ontario (613) 335-3361

    Description: Elm Tree Farm is Ottawa's longest running CSA. We feature an extended season - 28 weeks, June through November - of our certified biodynamic produce. Pick-up in Sandy Hill "Home style organic produce" is the term that Tom Waller and Allaine Nordin apply to the wide variety of vegetables they grow using Demeter (Biodynamic) Certified protocols. When Tom and Allaine first saw the bottom land and south facing slopes of Elm Tree Farm under March snow, they knew they had found their new home. Gardening began that spring - 1995. Seven different gardens follow the contours of soil, each with their own distinct character. You'll taste the flavour when you eat the food from Elm Tree Farm! It's the way it's grown. Vibrant living soil, rich in minerals is what Tom and Allaine work hard to achieve. "The more nutritious the soil, the more flavour the food has!"
    Produce: Wide range of mixed produce.
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa

  • Emabel Farm
    Julie and Nicolas Paillat
    2389 Pepin Court, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 407-7715

    Description: At EMABEL we grow fruits and vegetables you'll be proud to serve to your family and friends. We grow a wide selection so that everyone from the connoisseur to the 'picky' eater at your table can find something they love. For us, meeting the families who enjoy the food we've cared for in the field makes our work at EMABEL more meaningful. Our organically-grown produce comes from a small family farm that is right at home within the city of Ottawa. We make every effort to choose varieties and use growing practices to extend the seasonal availability of our fresh products. We offer CSA baskets and sell at the farm-site market.
    We have our beginnings in agriculture. Julie was born and raised on a family farm in the Canadian Prairies where taking care of the chickens, cows, pigs, and a few others with four feet was a normal day. Nicolas was born and raised in Paris, France, and inherited his farming roots from his grandparents. We both graduated with degrees in agriculture and met while working for seed potato farms. Putting down roots for our family, and getting our hands back into soil to grow our food is a dream come true.
    Produce: Vegetables
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa (Blackburn Hamlet and Alta-Vista)
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa (Blackburn Hamlet and Alta-Vista)

  • Ferme aux pleines saveurs
    Chantale Vaillancourt
    1038 Rang Ste-Madeleine, St-André-Avellin, QC (819) 983-4858

    Description: Ferme aux pleines saveurs is a family farm located in the valley of la Petite-Nation river. Our farm is certified organic and as such our vegetables are GMO free, are fertilized with natural fertilizers and are free of pesticides. We cherish our soils and we improve them by adding organic matter and growing green manures to create a good medium for plant growth. Chantale Vaillancourt & Martin Turcot bought this 34 ha farm in june 2002. The first year was dedicated to the cultivation of about 8 ha of fields for small fruits and vegetable production in 2003. The rest of the farm is mostly grassland and woodland. The Ferme aux pleines saveurs grow more than 40 types of fruits and vegetables. We grow regular vegeatables( potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuces, etc.) as well as specialized vegetables(such as bok choy, tatsoi, kholrabi, celeriac, jerusalem artichokes, etc.).
    We prepare 2 types of baskets: summer(17 weeks) and fall(8 weeks). There is 2 sizes as well, small and large size. Generally, the small summer basket contains 7 to 11 different types of produce. The large summer basket contains 10 to 13 different types of seasonal produce every week. Generally, the fall small basket contains 6 to 10 different types of produce and 1 homemade product. The large fall basket contains 7 to 10 different types of seasonal produce and 1 or 2 homemade products every week.
    Produce: Certified organic Vegetables and fruits. Our summer baskets mainly includes vegetables and some fruits (strawberries, watermelons, cantaloup and ground cherries)
    Delivery to These Areas: 3 pick up locations: 1. Ottawa, Vanier area at Nature's Buzz (55, Beechwood Ave.), Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 2. Ottawa, at the Market Organics(126, York St.), Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 3. Old Ottawa South area at 10 Carlyle in old Ottawa South, Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm
    Area of Coverage: Vanier, downtown and Old Ottawa South.

  • Foster Family Farm - located in the town of North Gower

  • Fraîche Farms
    Jessica Singh
    Inkerman, Ontario (613) 853-8221

    Fraîche farms is an organic vegetable CSA and market garden situated in beautiful Inkerman,ON on some of the most lovely soil in Eastern Ontario. It is our first growing season and we are delighted to be able to offer CSA shares and excited to meet some of you at local farmers markets this summer. If you'd like to request a share or find out more about what we do and how you can get involved with Fraiche Farms visit our website or give us a call. We would love to hear from you!
    Produce: Organic vegetables
    Delivery to These Areas: Winchester,Inkerman,Kemptville,Ottawa
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa, Nepean, Westboro, Barrhaven, Manotick, Gloucester, Old Ottawa South, Glebe, Winchester, Chesterville, Merickville, North Gower, Kemptville, Mountain

  • Full Hippy Farm
    Andrew Afelskie
    2696 9th Line Road, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 884-6615

    Description: Membership gets you unlimited veggies (within reason) at our stand at the Main Street and Brewers Park Farmers' Market.
    Produce: Market style pick-up.
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa

  • Herbivor Farm
    Lisa and Justin
    2389 Pepin Court, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 875-9155

    Description: Herbivor Farm is a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) farm stewarded by Lisa Gualtieri and Justin Palmer. We are located in Blackburn Hamlet, just 10 minutes east of Ottawa, Ontario. In 2014, we will be entering our second year of production! We grow over 40 types of vegetables and herbs with a large selection of heirloom varieties, selected for their flavor, nutrition, or their fun colors and textures. We are passionate about ecological sustainability and grow all of our produce with the greatest respect for natural systems and the environment. All produce is grown without the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.
    Produce: mixed vegetables and herbs
    Delivery to These Areas: We have pick up locations in Centretown and in Blackburn Hamlet. We also offer delivery to the Ottawa area for $5/week.
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa, Blackburn Hamlet, Altavista, Gloucester, Orleans

  • Our Farm
    Katie Ward & Mathieu-Andre Chiasson
    3772 Torbolton Ridge Rd, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 454-5587

    At Our Farm we believe in providing local eaters with food that is healthy, sustainably grown, and delicious. While our vegetables are grown in an organic manner, we are not certified - but we invite all our customers to visit the farm and see for themselves how their food is produced. We also raise happy, pastured meat animals, and encourage people to get in touch if they are interested in this aspect of our operation. Our Farm is located about 25 minutes north of Kanata, approximately half way between Dunrobin and Constance Bay.
    Produce: Vegetable CSA, pastured meat
    Delivery to These Areas: West Carleton, Kanata, west and central Ottawa, Barrhaven Area of Covered: West Carleton, Kanata, west and central Ottawa, Barrhaven

  • Our Little Farm - Notre petite ferme
    Jim Thompson
    550 River Road, L'Ange-Gardien, Quebec (819) 328-3989

    Passionate about ecological agriculture, we believe that local organic veggies are the first step towards a remarkable food experience, a vibrant community and a healthier planet. As a family farm, we grow 40+ different types of CERTIFIED ORGANIC vegetables in L'Ange-Gardien (Qc). We offer our certified organic CSA boxes to Outaouais and Ottawa residents and we also sell at Ottawa’s Main Farmers' Market (223 Main Street). As a CSA partner, you don't only get tasty local certified organic veggies, you also get some of our favourite recipes and are invited to our family-friendly farm events during the season. Our Little Farm is your farm. Thanks for your support. Check out our farm on youtube
    Delivery to These Areas: OTTAWA: Westboro, Glebe, Parkdale, St.Laurent, and Nepean.
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa, Hull, Gatineau, Buckingham

  • Riverglen Biodynamic Farm
    David Burnford
    230 Davidson's Side Road, Ottawa , Ontario (613) 720-FARM

    Description: Riverglen Biodynamic Farm is situated on 112 acres of Ottawa Greenbelt farmland. Although we are just off Carling, near Moodie, you would never know. Surrounded by trees, we are nestled on the banks of Shirley's Bay on the Ottawa river. It's a 15 minute drive from downtown.
    Cows, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese supply ample quantities of manure, which provides fertility to our gardens after a thorough, biodynamic composting process. In addition to the compost preparations, we apply other biodynamic preparations directly to our fields. These act a little like homoeopathic remedies for soil life.
    Eggs and chicken are available at our farm gate. Much care goes into renovating this heritage farm, and we are slowly gearing towards keeping more animals to sell beef and lamb.

    Produce: Over 100 varieties of vegetables are grown in succession from March until December. Careful crop rotation, companion planting and cover cropping encourages the healthy growth of plants without the need for manufactured fertilizers or pesticides.
    Delivery to These Areas: Members pick up their produce directly from the farm or from our pickup locations in Britannia, Wellington Village or Centertown.
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Hintonburg, Wellington, Westboro, Centertown, Chinatown, Little Italy

  • Rochon Garden
    Kristian Rochon
    1101 Yorks Corners Rd , Ottawa, Ontario (613) 821-3245

    Our family has been producing vegetables for local area markets since 1958. We are very passionate about producing the best possible fruits and vegetables for our customers. We work hard at bringing the freshest and largest variety of products directly to your table. Our ultimate goal is to offer our customers the highest quality products, convenient locations and service with a smile. The Rochon family also enjoys promoting healthy eating and the importance of supporting local farming in the Ottawa community.
    Produce: Asparagus, Green Onions, Rhubarb, Radishes, Spinach, Greenhouse Tomatoes, Mixed Greens, Baby cucumbers, Cantalope, Watermelons, Eggplants, Field Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Hot Peppers, Bokchoi, Carrots, Celery, Spanish Onions, Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, Cauliflower(White, orange & purple), Broccoli, Beans (green & yellow), Zucchini, Sweet Corn, Decorative Corn, Squash, Cabbage (green & red), Potatoes, Leeks, Brussels Sprouts, Cut flowers, Annuals, Perennials, Hanging Flower baskets, Flower Floor tubs, Jams, Baked Goods and much more.
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa East (Orleans), Ottawa South-West (Barrhaven), Ottawa West (Kanata), Ottawa Centertown (Glebe), Ottawa Centertown (Woodroffe), Ottawa South (Hunt Club), Gatineau Centertown (Hull), Gatineau Est (Aylmer)
    Area of Coverage:
    Quebec: Aylmer, Hull, Gatineau
    Ontario: Barrhaven, Hunt Club, Kanata, Orleans, Ottawa, Ottawa South, Woodroffe, Glebe, Ottawa Centertown

  • Roots and Shoots Farm
    Robin Turner
    1004 Manotick Station Road, Ottawa, Ontario (613) 897-8975

    We work with the Ottawa Food Bank to provide thousands of pounds of vegetables to Ottawa's food insecure every year. We also host school groups on the farm through Canadian Organic Growers' Growing Up Organic program.
    Produce: All kinds of certified organic produce, including loose specialty greens and colourful heirloom varieties.
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa South, Centretown, Westboro, Manotick, Manotick Station.
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa, Kanata, Manotick, Barrhaven

  • The Veggie Underground Farm and CSA
    Alex Bourne
    McVagh Road, Vars, Ontario (613) 869-6842

    We are a micro-farm located in Vars, a village at the eastern tip of Ottawa. On one acre we cultivate a variety of vegetables, herbs and melons using simple and intensive organic techniques. The garden was started in 2010 by Alex and his partner Amanda. We operate a CSA with a 26 week Summer/Fall Share and a Winter Share. We strive to build direct and long-term relationships with the people who eat our food.
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa- Hintonburg, Old Ottawa South, Old Ottawa East, Vars
    Area of Coverage: Ottawa

  • Upper Canada Heritage Farm
    Barbara Schaefer
    11351 Miller Rd, RR4, North Augusta, Ontario (613) 924-1234

    Description: Upper Canada Heritage Farm raises only rare and heritage farm breeds, specializing in The Large Black Pig. We pasture-raise all our animals, completely chemical free following organic practices. We offer 30 memberships per year to our farm, entitled the shareholder (see our website for details).
    Produce: pork, beef, chicken, duck eggs
    Delivery to these Areas: Ottawa and area
    Area of Coverage: Merrickville, Brockville, Kingston, Cornwall, Prescott, Kanata, Stittsville, Smiths Falls


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Burgessville * view map *

  • No farms listed at this time

Norwich * view map *

  • Fairmeadow Farm
    Michelle Jory
    345148 Quaker St., Norwich, Ontario (416) 433-5405

    Description: Thanksgiving doesn't mean the end of delicious, local vegetables anymore! Fairmeadow Farm's Fall CSA begins in mid-October and runs through December, growing particularly yummy produce to feed members into the early winter months.
    Our vegetables are nurtured on 3 ac of beautiful silty-loam soil in lovely Oxford County, amongst dairy cows and gently rolling fields. All vegetables are grown on our small family farm using organic farming practices (garden land currently being transitioned towards certification), helping to build the soil and enhance biodiversity.
    We're working hard to be part of a vibrant local community, and hope our veggies help cultivate healthy bodies, minds, and a truly greener planet (one bunch of carrots at a time!)   
    Produce: Fall and early winter garden offering a diversity of fresh greens, herbs, root vegetables and dried beans. Produce offered includes arugula, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, endive + escarole, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, lettuce, mixed salad greens, napa cabbage, onions, parsnips, hot peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, rutabaga, spinach, squash, swiss chard, turnips, and winter radish.  Herbs include basil, chives, cilantro, dill, fennel, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme.    
    Delivery to These Areas: Bi-weekly pick-up at the farm (just northwest of Norwich), and bi-weekly deliveries to London (Western Fair Farmers' and Artisans' Market) and North York location through the fall.
    Area of Coverage: London, St. Thomas, Aylmer, Tillsonburg, Delhi, Courtland, Simcoe, Waterford, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Norwich, Burgessville, Toronto, North York, Don Mills, Willowdale

Plattsville * view map *

  • Nith Valley Farm
    Nathan Klassen
    936754 Blenheim Rd. Plattsville, Ontario (519) 696-3136

    Description: Located in Plattsville, Nith Valley Organics is within a half hour drive from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph and only a block from the scenic Nith River. We are situated on a beautiful 75 acre property including cropland, pasture, hardwood bush, and a stream. In addition to the cropland, there is a 2400 square foot greenhouse for transplant production and season extension. In 2011 we began the process to transition some of the land to Organic, a process which takes three years. While we are not yet certified, we do use organic production methods and regularly refer to the standards for guidance. If you have a question about how our produce is grown, please do not hesitate to ask.
    Produce: Asian greens, Beans, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Garlic, Garlic greens, Garlic Scapes, Green onions, Herbs, Leeks, Lettuce, Mixed greens, Onions, Patty-pan squash, Peas, Peppers, Pumpkins, Radishes, Spinach, Squash, Tomatoes, Turnip, Zucchini
    Delivery to These Areas: Waterloo Square Farmers' Market, Aberfoyle Farmers' Market, Montgomrie's Inn Farmers Market in Etobicoke
    Area of Coverage: Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Toronto

Princeton * view map *

  • Prince Greenhouses
    Shawn Brenneman
    687003 Hwy 2, Princeton, Ontario (226) 802-4519

    Description: CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It allows consumers to get closer to the farm/farmer and share in the risks (mother nature) of growing your food. A CSA allows you to buy in (with shares) at the start of the growing season. In turn, you receive your dividends in the form of onions, zucchini, beans, tomatoes, and more. The shares will run for 18 weeks starting in mid June and finish mid-late October. In farming, Mother Nature dictates the start and end of the season, so sometimes it may run slightly more or less than 18 weeks. Our advantage with the greenhouses is they allow us more flexibility to grow earlier and later in the season compared to just growing in the field. Our pricing is $300.00 a share with the option of a customized share to be larger if needed. We offer CSA Member "bonuses" through out the season that are included with your share. Please visit our website for more information on our CSA program or call us at the farm for more information.
    Produce: Fresh organic produce that include: Tomatoes(many varieties), peppers(sweet, mild and hot),sweet corn, melons, lettuce, broccoli, peas, beans, summer squash, carrots, beets, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, chard, onions, leeks, fall squash, pumpkins and much more.
    Delivery to These Areas: You can pick up shares at the Paris Farmers Market and also at Prince Greenhouses
    Area of Coverage: Brantford, Brant County, Burford, Paris, St. George, Drumbo, Princeton, Oxford County, Woodstock
    Delivery to These Areas: You can pick up shares at the Paris Farmers Market and also at Prince Greenhouses


Woodstock * view map *

  • Bentum Family Farm
    James and Catherine Bentum
    Woodstock, Ontario (519) 788-3680

    Description: Bentum Family Farm is an organic, CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) vegetable farm. We are located just outside of Woodstock, Ontario, serving Oxford county. We grow organic vegetables and sell them directly to customers through our CSA program AND at the Farmers Market at the Woodstock Fairgrounds on Saturdays from 7am-12pm. For more information on our CSA program or how to become a CSA member, visit our website or give us a call!
    Produce: beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, cucumbers, green beans, green onions, herbs, kale, leeks, lettuce, melons, onions, potatoes, radishes, salad mix, spinach, summer and winter squash, tomatoes, winter greens
    Delivery to These Areas: Woodstock
    Area of Coverage: Woodstock, Princeton, Norwich, Oxford Center, Cathcart, Paris, Brantford, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, Tavistock, Stratford, Embro, Burford


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Hekkla * view map *

  • Sweetgrass Farm and Southwell Horsemanship Centre
    Holly Southwell & John Dixon
    1270 Hekkla Road
    Hekkla, Ontario (705) 732-2283

    Description: Organic vegetables and herbs. Community Supported Agriculture accepted. Book early (call for information). We are located about 7 km east of Rosseau off Muskoka Road #3.


Kearney * view map *

  • Beaver Creek Farm
    Cindy Filmore
    3060 Hwy 518 East, Kearney
    , Ontario (705) 636-7155

    Description: Our family farm has long been established as a 'tradtional mixed' farm, where our family has raised beef, chickens, pigs, sheep and even hedgehogs, over the years. Our goal has always been to keep the 'family' in our farm, and we are proud of our family's hardwork and dedication to farm life! The CSA is our way of 'sharing' all the goodness of farm life - a chance for the consumer to really 'connect' with the farm and the farmer! We offer full and half shares of the fruits and vegetables, as well as meat (pork, lamb, chicken) shares, and can make allowances in price for those who wish to 'work' towards their memberships. We welcome you to our farm, and encourage you to stop by and meet us to discuss our (and your?) CSA!
    Delivery to These areas: Kearney, Sand Lake, Emsdale delivery, as well as weekly pick-up available from the local Farmers Market (Perry Township office and Information Cenre)
    Area of Coverage: Kearney, Sand Lake, Emsdale, Novar, Burks Falls, Katrine, Sprucedale, Huntsville

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Bolton * view map *

  • Greener Harvest Farm
    Bob B.
    PO Box 193,
    Nobleton, Ontario (905) 857-9830

    Description: Greener Harvest Farm produces and supplies eaters in the Greater Toronto Area with fabulous, organically grown vegetables, fruit, and herbs fresh from the Caledon hills. We are a small, ancestral farm growing many heirloom and novelty varieties without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our practices are sustainable and bee friendly. It's not too late to buy a share in Greener Harvest Farm's CSA! Join our late summer/autumn program now and receive farm fresh produce delivered to your neighbourhood until October. For your convenience, we can deliver to group orders at your workplace, gym, book club or wherever it is you meet in the GTA. Restaurateurs and personal chefs welcome. Please contact us at for terms, fees or to join us.
    Produce: Fresh, organic grown vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Many heirloom varieties. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our crops include: yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, green tomatoes, black tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, sweet bell pepper, banana pepper, hot pepper, zucchini, cucumber, leek, novelty and heirloom beets, leaf lettuce, head lettuce, mesclun greens mix, Bright Lights Swiss chard, green Swiss chard, yellow wax beans, green beans, burgundy beans, yellow and white sweet Spanish onions, green onions, shallots, yellow onions, summer squash, autumn squash, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe, novelty and heirloom radishes, purple carrots, white carrots, yellow carrots, red carrots, baby carrots, turnip, rutabaga, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, parsley, mint, basil, dill, garlic... and many others. Some varieties are limited quantity. If you need a vegetable or herb not listed, please make a request.
    Delivery to These Areas: Bolton, Caledon, Caledon East, Palgrave, Belfountain, Schomberg, Nobleton, King City, Kettleby, Pottageville, Adjala, New Tecumseth, Orangeville, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham, Toronto.
    Area of Coverage: Bolton, Caledon, Caledon East, Palgrave, Belfountain, Schomberg, Nobleton, King City, Kettleby, Pottageville, Adjala, New Tecumseth, Orangeville, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham, Toronto.

Brampton * view map *

  • The Fresh Veggies
    Bob B.
    8 Listcreek Road, Brampton
    , Ontario (905) 799-6150

    Produce: Bean, Beet, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Cauliflower, Celery, Corn, Cucumber, Eggplant, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce, Mustard, Okra, Onion, Pak Choy, Parsley, Peas, Pepper, Potatoes, Pumpkin, Radish, Salad Greens, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Tomato, Turnip, Winter Squash, Zucchini, Basil, Chives. Cilantro, Garlic (Green Bunch), Onion (Green Bunch), Mint, Oregano.
    Delivery to These Areas: Brampton, Caledon, Woodbridge, Toronto, Oakville
    Area of Coverage: Brampton, Caledon, Woodbridge, Toronto, Oakville

  • Samlorenzo Organics
    Leroy Brown
    9210 McVean Drive, Brampton
    , Ontario (647) 853-6288

    Description: Samlorenzo Organics is a registered Canadian company that produces and distributes certified organic and organically grown produce.
    Produce: Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber, Eggplant, Escallion, Lettuce, Onion, Jamaican Callaloo, Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper, Tomatoes
    Delivery to These Areas: Our customers are mainly in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). But arrangements can be made for customers outside this area.
    Area of Coverage: We are located in Brampton, but just about any location in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) can be a part of our community supported agriculture (CSA)programme.

Caledon * view map *

  • Deer Park West Farm CSA
    Lori Wardell
    7261 Castlederg SRD, Caledon, Ontario Phone: (647) 405-6630

    Description: We are committed to using the land in a manner that will not deplete its nutrients or its value for generations to come. Our farming practices avoid chemicals and are permaculture based, and build the soil, because we know that healthy soil produces healthy food. A concerted effort is made to avoid harming living things or the land as we partner with the earth, people, animals, plants, insects and the soil life to produce healthy and ethically produced food you can feel good about eating and feeding to your family.
    Produce: Farm fresh vegetables and herbs, flowers and eggs.
    Delivery to These Areas: On-farm CSA share pickup at 7261 Castlederg SRD, Caledon
    Area of Coverage:
    Caledon East, Bolton, Palgrave, Nobleton, Brampton, Mississauga

  • Left Field Farm
    Tom Robson
    c/o Peace Ranch, 19170 Centreville Creek Road , Caledon, Ontario Phone: (647) 308-2608

    Description:Left Field Farm is a mental health employment project. Our Farm hires and supports people living with serious mental illness, to develop skills and transition back to work. Our team grows produce - chemical-free and hand-tended - for sale to our surrounding communities. Produce with purpose!
    Our CSA is "market-style". Membership fees set-up members with an account; they shop for what they want at our weekly produce market. You get ultimate choice and flexibility with the Left Field Farm CSA. Plus, you support our good work in community mental health.
    Produce: - All produce is grown chemical-free! - 30 varieties of mixed-vegetables
    - Herbs, flowers and apples and eggs
    Delivery to These Areas: Caledon, Bolton, Orangeville, GTA
    Area of Coverage:
    Caledon, Bolton, Orangeville, Brampton, GTA

  • Whole Village Farm
    Tori Waugh
    20725 Shaw's Creek Rd. Caledon, Ontario Phone: (519) 941-1099

    Description: We are new farmers! We're fresh faces to the community, and we're excited to grow food for people who love food and the soil it was grown in. Community is one of our core values, and what a better way to involve oneself in community from a near-urban farm than by providing fresh, delicious produce to all our neighbours? With this aim, we are pleased to present our goal of focusing on developing an intimate field to fork relationship in our community with a CSA program! We are very lucky to be leasing on such beautiful land. a large portion of it is under conservation status, and the rest is tended to with biodynamic, permaculture and organic techniques that we're very passionate about employing. we farm for the earth, and for that we are richer than the money in our pockets. We're dedicated to cultivating the land in ways that are sustainable for soil fertility and ground water quality, provide spaces for pollinators and wildlife and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Follow us on our website, facebook or sign up for our mailing list to keep up to date on all our youthful vigor and ambitions!
    Produce: sugar snap peas, tomatoes, ground cherries, peppers and a hundred or so other varieties of veggies/fruits/herbs are included in our CSA share. We also have a small flock of hens for farm fresh eggs to be available mid-season as an add-on option to the veggie share!
    Delivery to These Areas: on-farm CSA share pickup at Whole Village, 20725 Shaw's Creek Rd. Caledon, ON
    Area of Coverage: orangevillage, caledon, caledon east, caledon village, bolton, salem, mono mills, albion, palgrave, hockley valley, lucille, blount, alton, belfountain, erin, hillsburgh, laurel, whittington, amaranth, grand valley, oakville, orton, belwood, hereward, shelburne, fergus

Cheltenham * view map *

  • Honey Hills Farm & CSA
    14360 Creditview Rd., Cheltenham, Ontario (905) 838-2735

    Description: Organic vegetable and herbs. Sign up to receive a weekly box of organic vegetables and herbs for a seasonal fee or visit Cheltenham, across from the general store on Wed., 5-7pm to purchase their produce.

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Mitchell * view map *

  • Armtree CSA
    Susanna Reid
    RR #2 Mitchell
    , Ontario (519) 393-6360


Monkton * view map *

  • Neubrand Country Produce
    Laurie and Karl Neubrand
    RR 2 Monkton, Ontario (519) 347-2766

    Description: We have been growing and producing fresh vegetables for 10 years for CSA, markets and wholesale. We offer a food box program for area residents. Customers put their own box together choosing from a wide range of freshly picked berries and vegetables grown on our farm and in our greenhouses. Program is available year-round. Certain berries are available for PYO also. Also available are locally produced products such as honey, apple butter, oatmeal, soy flour and our own line of soup mixes, seasonings and bakery products.


Newton * view map *

  • Dianne Heise-Bennett
    RR#1 Newton, Ontario (519) 595-4841 fax 595-8811

    Description: certified, CSA - fruits, vegetables


St. Marys * view map *

  • Ann Slater, Fresh Organic Vegetables (Pro-Cert Certified)
    Ann Slater
    157030 15th Line Zorra Township, RR1 Lakeside,
    Ontario (519) 349-2448

    Description: I have been growing and selling organic vegetables in the St. Marys area for over 25 years. My specialities include a variety of lettuces, salad greens, oriental greens, spinach, heritage tomatoes, beans, sugar snap peas, summer and winter squash, onions and potatoes, all grown on my farm. My CSA option is available from the beginning of May until the end of November.
    Delivery to These Areas: Home delivery in St. Marys or farm pick-up on Tuesday afternoons.
    Area of Coverage: Serving the towns of St. Marys, Lakeside, Stratford and Thorndale and the counties of north Oxford, east Middlesex and south Perth.


Stratford * view map *

  • Koert Organics - located in the town of Seaforth

  • Lynn River Farm
    Lindsay Higgins
    2537 Line 37, Stratford, ON (519) 949-2871

    Half Share = $375 FARM PICK UP
    Full Share = $675 FARM PICK UP
    Half Share = $450 DELIVERED
    Full Share = $750 DELIVERED
    Half Share is suitable generally for 2-3 people Full Share 4-5 people
    Produce: We offer 75 shares from June to October. Which include a wide variety of naturally grown vegetables and fruit. Free range eggs, chicken and turkey are also available for purchase. As well as off farm products such as flowers, maple syrup, flour, etc.
    Delivery to These Areas: Deliver to Stratford, Shakespeare, Tavistock, Wellesly, Baden, Some areas of Kitchener.
    Area of Coverage: Stratford, Shakespeare, Tavistock, Wellesly, Baden, Kitchener, Sebringville, Mitchell, St. Mary's, Milverton.


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Lakefield * view map *

  • Castanea Collective Farm
    Kevin Karl
    517 Shebrooke St., Peterborough, Ontario (705) 313-2941

    Description: At Castanea (cah-stah-nyah), we are not only committed to growing the most nutritious, tasty, and healthy produce that we can, but we are also determined to make it available to as many people as possible. When you sign up for our 18 week CSA season you will be able to choose your price on a sliding scale. Folks who choose to pay on the higher end of that scale will enable us to provide fresh, chemical-free vegetables to those of lower income. To learn more about how you can contribute to a healthier community, visit our website.
    Produce: 18 weeks of fresh, nutritious, and chemical-free vegetables.
    Delivery to These Areas: Peterborough, Lakefield
    Area of Coverage: Peterborough, Lakefield, Bridgenorth, Warsaw, Buckhorn, Burleigh Falls, Ennismore


Millbrook * view map *

  • Circle Organic Community Farm
    Andrew Flaman and Julie Fleming
    338 County Rd 10, Millbrook, Ontario (705) 932-9888

    Description: We are a certified organic CSA and market garden, growing a range of vegetables, fruit, herbs, sprouts and flowers. We offer an 18-20 week summer CSA and a winter CSA. Weekly pick-ups in Peterborough or at the farm.
    Delivery to these areas: Peterborough, Millbrook
    Area of Coverage: Peterborough, Millbrook, Port Hope, Cobourg

Peterborough * view map *

  • Culinary Carrot
    Ryan Monteith
    Peterborough, Ontario (902) 431-6859

    Description: Culinary Carrot is a new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm run by Ryan Monteith & Nicole Baran serving Peterborough, Ontario. We are both adamant foodies who love growing healthy, happy vegetables and are aspiring homesteaders. Our passion for working in the fields as well as the kitchen is no doubt contagious - we will draw you in to the excitement that is the celebration of food!
    Produce: Arugula, Basil, Beans, Beets, Bok Choy, Cabbage (storage), Cabbage (chinese), Carrots, CIlantro, Cucumbers, Corn, Dill, Eggplant, Garlic (scapes), Garlic, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce (head), Lettuce Mix, Melons, Mint, Onions, Onions bunching/scallions, Parsley, Peas, Peppers, Potatoes, Radish, Rutabaga, Shallots, Spinach, Summer Squash, Winter Squash, Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, Turnips
    Delivery to These Areas: Peterborough, Cobourg, Port Hope
    Area of Coverage: Peterborough, Cobourg, Port Hope

  • Sun Root Organics
    Peterborough, Ontario (705) 749-1597

    Community Shared Agriculture, ecologically farmed. Many types of vegetables during the growing season. Also available at the Wednesday Market and the Peterborough Saturday market.

  • Well Grounded
    Kollene Drummond or Dan Legault
    569 Armour rd, Peterborough, Ontario (705) 821-2032

    Description: Well Grounded is entering its second season and Dan Legault of Dan Ledandan Foods will be joining farmer Kollene Drummond to grow and cook up a storm! Well Grounded operates a ½ acre organic market garden near Peterborough, runs two Food box programs (a Fresh produce CSA and a Prepared Foods CSA) and provides food for the YWCA Just Food Program, the By the Bushel Food Co-op and several local restaurants. In addition, Well Grounded attends the Lakefield Farmers Market bringing fresh produce and seasonal prepared treats and does catering at three local festivals. We focus on growing tasty, organic produce and then transforming it, along with other high quality local ingredients into seasonal, healthy prepared foods. Please feel free to email or call for a sign up form.
    Produce: seasonal and organic prepared foods, organic fresh produce, free range eggs, grass fed beef, organic, fairly traded coffee and chocolate, organic breads and baking
    Delivery to These Areas: Peterborough, Omemee, Lakefield
    Area of Coverage: Peterborough, Omemee, Lakefield

Warsaw * view map *

  • Hillview Farm
    John and Joan Smith
    RR #2 Warsaw
    , Ontario

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Clarence Creek / Rockland * view map *

  • Bunching Onions CSA (at Tucker House)
    Damien Martin
    1731 Tucker Road Clarence-Rockland
    , Ontario 613-446-2117 Ext 8

    Description: We grow a wide a variety of delicious seasonal vegetables using sustainable practices. Shares are $400 for a 16 week season. Walk the talk and eat the talk for the good of your health and the health of the environment. Nature walks, history tours, garden tour and workshops and property rental also available.

    Area Covered: We serve the Clarence Rockland area as well as Ottawa (Orleans, Beacon Hill, Central Ottawa, Ottawa West).
  • Covenant Farm
    Catherine, Joël and Stephanie
    1277 Pilon Rd, Clarence Creek
    , Ontario (613) 488-3589

    Family farm located in Clarence Creek, Ontario. Precertified organic with Québec Vrai. Please call (613) 488-3589 (Stephanie) to check availability or to order. --- Ferme familiale à Clarence Creek, Ontario. Précertifié bio avec Québec Vrai. Veuillez appeler au (613) 488-3589 (Stephanie) pour vérifier la disponibilité ou pour commander.
    Produce: CSA baskets; honey; sprouts available weekly. --- Paniers ASC; miel; germinations disponibles chaque semaine.
    Delivery to These Areas: Rockland, Orléans, Cumberland, Ottawa (east of Bronson)
    Area of Coverage: Wendover, Saint-Pascal, Bourget, Clarence Creek, Rockland, Cumberland, Orléans, Orleans, Ottawa


Embrun * view map *

  • Marché Lafrance Market
    Julie Lafrance
    1942 Route 500 West, Embrun, Ontario (613) 223-4424

    Description: We are in our third year of fruits and vegetable production. We are not certified organic but we favor organic methods. Our objective is to offer fresh, quality fruits and vegetables according to standards we feel appropriate for our own consumption, as well as our children's. If you have any questions pertaining to our methods, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do CSA baskets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. They need to be picked up from the farm or from L'Academie du Gourmet in Embrun. View our flyer and send us your registration to become a member of our CSA!
    Produce: Beans, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cantaloup, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, herbs, honey dew, kale, lettuce, onions, parsnips, peas, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, spinach, summer & winter squash, strawberries, sweet corn, swiss chard, tomatoes, watermelon, etc.
    Delivery to These Areas: At the farm (between Embrun and Casselman) and at L'académie du Gourmet in Embrun
    Area of Coverage: Embrun, Russell, Casselman, Limoges, St-Albert, Crysler, Vars, Morewood, St-Isidore.

Fournier * view map *

  • Ferme Summer Flavor Farm
    Jocelyne Campbell, Jacques Chartrand
    5889 County Road 10, Fournier, Ontario (613) 524-3295

    Description: We are a small family farm located close to Fournier.
    Produce: Summer Flavor grows : tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beets, snow peas, onions, corn, cucumber, zuchinni, radish, spinach, yellow and green beans, lettuce, radish and cucumbers. We also have fresh free range eggs, meat chickens and pork.
    Delivery to These Areas: We deliver in Rigaud, Hawkesbury, L'Orignal, Vankleek Hill, St-Eugène and St-Isidore.

Hawkesbury * view map *

  • De La Rive Farm
    Shelley Edwards
    112 bas de la Riviere, Rigaud, Quebec (450) 451-6087

    Description: 2009 marks our fourth year of production and we are ready to add a new delivery drop off point. We will drop off in Hawkesbury. We grow quality pesticide free vegetables. Our baskets are suited for families with young children or a couple that eats lots of veggies. A share costs $350.00 for 14 weeks of tasty, healthy, seasonal, local vegetables. Eggs and honey are also available for an extra charge.
    Vegetables, eggs, honey
    Area of Coverage: L'Orignal, Hawkesbury, East Hawkesbury, Chute de Blondeau, Alfred, Vankleek Hill

St. Albert * view map *

  • Luxy Farm
    Daizy & Jonny Näf
    1919 Route 900 West St. Albert
    , Ontario (613) 987-5302

    Description: Our CSA runs for 16 weeks, from late-June until October. Members receive 6-12 different varieties of seasonal, certified organic vegetables, weekly or bi-weekly. We encourage members to come visit the farm and get their hands dirty! Farm pickup in St. Albert: weekly shares $480, bi-weekly $256. Rockcliffe and Sandy Hill pickups: weekly shares $544, bi-weekly $288. Visit our website and sign up online!
    Produce: Spinach, winter squash, tomatoes, potatoes, fennel, onions, cauliflower, peppers, herbs, kohlrabi, zucchini, patty pans, cucumbers, beets, carrots, radishes, garlic, turnips, sweet potatoes, bok choy, arugula, broccoli, cabbage, peas, beans, kale and more!
    Delivery to These Areas: Ottawa, St. Albert
    Area of Coverage: Rockcliffe, Sandy Hill, Russell, Embrun, Limoges, Casselman, St. Albert, Crysler, Berwick, Finch. We also attend the Brewer Park farmers' market and Westboro's Byron Park market in Ottawa.


St. Isidore * view map *

  • David Wilson
    RR 1 St. Isidore
    , Ontario (613) 524-3425

  • Greta's Organic Gardens
    Greta Kryger
    RR #1 St. Isidore
    , Ontario (613) 524-3425

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Carrying Place * view map *

  • Thyme Again Gardens
    Lorraine Schmid & Lori Aselstine
    403 Smokes Point Rd, Carrying Place
    , Ontario (613) 394-1139

    Description: Thyme Again Gardens is a certified organic mixed farm, featuring heritage beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey, as well as a wide variety of heirloom fruits and vegetables. We run two CSA programs -- one is pick-up at the farm (Farm CSA); the other is delivery to a central location in downtown Toronto (Toronto CSA). Since 1997 we have been working towards creating a sustainable family farm operation, including growing and grinding our own grains for animal feed, harvesting renewable energy sources to meet our electrical and heating needs, and planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables in accordance with biodynamic principles and organic standards.
    Produce: Members can choose from seasonally available organic produce such as onions, beets, blackberries, spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, lettuce, radicchio, arugula, radishes, cucumbers, raspberries, beans, tomatoes,garlic, potatoes, swiss chard, peas, kale, zucchini, strawberries, tomatillos, mustard greens, rhubarb and asparagus, as well as a variety of fresh herbs and farm fresh free-range eggs. Although not included in the cost of membership, members can also purchase fresh cut flowers, our own salsas, pickles and preserves, and various cuts of grass fed beef, pork, lamb and chicken.
    Delivery to These Areas: Farm CSA: pick up is Thursdays from June 20th to October 24th; serving Belleville, Picton, Trenton, Carrying Place, Consecon, Rednersville, Wellington, Bloomfield, Ameliasburg, Hillier, and surrounding areas. Toronto CSA: pick-up Tuesday evenings on Queen Street East from June 25th to October 15th; serving central GTA.


Demorestville * view map *

  • Fiddlehead Farm
    Stephen Laing
    978 Fish Lake Road, Demorestville
    , Ontario (416) 968-1737

    Description: Fiddlehead Farm is an ecological farm operation focusing on market vegetables, fruits, and small livestock. We strive to better our local community, environment, and taste buds through sustainable farming practices that nourish the soil and all that depend on it. We distribute our produce through our CSA and Farmers' Market locations. Our young farm team is here to help you eat well and live tastier ;)
    Produce: Mixed Vegetables and Fruits
    Delivery to These Areas: Belleville, Trenton, Picton, Demorestville, Toronto Downtown Area of Coverage: Ameliasburg, Bloomfield, Carrying Place, Cherry Valley, Consecon, Demorestville, Fawcettville, Glenora, Hillier, Lake On The Mountain, Milford, Mountain View, Northport, Picton, Rednersville, Rosehall, Rossmore, Salmon Point, Waupoos, Waupoos Island, Wellington, West Lake, Woodrous, Yerexville, Prince Edward County, Toronto, Village, Cabbagetown, Bloor, Barcovan Beach, Batawa, Bayside, Chatterton, German Landing, Glen Miller, Glen Ross, Halloway, Johnstown, Lovett, Madoc Junction, Maple View, Mount Zion, Oak Lake, River Valley, Roseland Acres, Spencers Landing, Stockdale, Tuftsville, Twelve O'Clock, Wallbridge, Wooler


Picton * view map *

  • Vicki's Veggies
    Vicki Emlaw & Tim Noxon
    81 Morrision Point Road, Prince Edward Cty, Ontario (613) 476-7241

    Description: CSA boxes delivered weekly. Heirloom tomato seedling sale in May. Tomato tasting on Labour day weekend. Roadside stand all season long.

  • JC Nyman Farms
    John Nyman
    292 Mowbray Road R. R. #3 Picton, Ontario
    (613) 476-6120

    Description: Our Meat CSA program is a way for you to provide your family with ethically raised, beyond organic, PEC County beef, bird, lamb, pork, turkey, and eggs directly from J & C Nyman Farms, and have it delivered right to your door. While we do deliver, we encourage customers to come visit the farm. We have an open door policy. Come see for yourself how your food is being raised!
    Produce: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Eggs

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Devlin * view map *

  • From The Ground Up Farm
    Todd & JoAnna Richards
    11255 Hyatt Road, Devlin, Ontario (807) 276-8024

    Description: "From The Ground Up Farm" Is an old fashioned small scale farming operation. We offer many varieties of vegeatables, fruits, meats, eggs and bread, as well as honey. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty, therefore most of our work is done without the use of large farm implements. We believe in sustainable practices, maintaining a gentler approach to everything we do. Our animals are free to roam and forage as is their nature. Our gardens are hand tended and harvested. Most of the varieties we grow are heritage types which have proven themselves through time. We do not grow GMO. We encourage input from our members regarding the varieties we select for our shares, ideas on social events, as well as farm education days. Our Mission is to provide fresh quality food products to the community, which are naturally raised in a manner that protects the environment. Through our farm we seek to encourage and educate our members in their ability to attain and sustain good health through nutrition.
    Produce: tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, spinach, mesclun, head lettuce, leaf lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, green onions, sweet corn, summer squash(zucchini), oregano, parsley, cilantro, mint, beets, potatoes, peas, cantalope, bell peppers, yellow beans, green beans, kale, celery, hot peppers, garlic, sunflowers, cut flowers, bread, and glueten fee baking.
    Delivery to These Areas: Fort Frances, Devlin, Emo, Barwick, Stratton, Rainy River.
    Area of Coverage: Fort Frances, Devlin, LaVallee, Emo, Barwick, Stratton, Pinewood, Sleeman, Rainy River, Nestor Falls, Sioux Narrows, Couchiching First Nation, Rainy River First Nation, Big Grassy First Nation, Big Island First Nation, Onigaming First Nation, Naicatchewenin First Nation.



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Eganville * view map *

  • Donegal Heritage Farm
    Johanna Zomers
    1083 Bulger Rd, Eganville, Ontario (613) 649-0239

    Produce: We raise lamb, pork and chickens on our lovely century old farm in the heart of the Ottawa valley. Our sheep and lambs graze on lush natural pastures and our pigs and chickens are fed certified organic grains from Homestead Organics. We offer customized meat orders designed to suit your individual family and available bi weekly, monthly or seasonally. We deliver in the Pembroke, Renfrew, Eganville and Barry's Bay area. We also have organic brown eggs and we take orders for our organically grown meat birds. Our regular delivery baskets are available starting at 25 dollars per week. Please call or email for more information.

Golden Lake * view map *

  • Griffith Farm & Market
    Margaret Griffith
    94 Griffith Wagner Rd. Golden Lake, Ontario (613) 717-0758

    We are a 3rd generation family farm set in the beautiful Ottawa Valley.  Just 1 1/2 hr from Ottawa on Hwy 60 in the Algonquin park corridor, just 45 minutes to the park gate. You can stop at the farm to pick up vegetables, beef or premade frozen entrees.
    We have a Summer Beef box and a winter Beef box because often customers want more steak and ground beef in the summer and more pot roast in the winter. 
    We also offer a CSA lunch/dinner frozen entree choice.  So customers can stock their freezer monthly with healthy nutrious quick meals.
    Produce: Seasonal summer vegetables & Beef
    Delivery to These Areas: Golden Lake, Barrys Bay, Killaloe, Eganville, Cobden, Pembroke, Ottawa
    Area of Coverage: Golden Lake, Barrys Bay, Killaloe, Eganville, Cobden, Pembroke, Renfrew, Arnprior, Ottawa


Pembroke * view map *

  • Rainbow Heritage Garden
    Kylah Dobson
    1907 Snake River Line, Cobden, Ontario (613) 646-2488

    Description: We are located in Cobden, however CSA pickup is in Pembroke. We offer a variety of heirloom vegetables & herbs.


Renfrew * view map *

  • Down to Earth CSA
    Dorothy Vanderzwaag
    15021 Highway 17 , Haley Station, Ontario (613) 433-5848

    Description: "I begin with the proposition that eating is an agricultural act."Wendell Berry We are passionate about the food we grow!Though we do not have many acres,we concentrate on what we do and work to do it well.As a family,we enjoy our work together to raise healthy food for you!We offer a 20 week csa from end of May to mid October,following the growing season from beginning to end and invite you to share it with us.Growing food and selling it locally is important to us as we look for ways to shrink our ecological footprint.Having a trusting relationship with the people who buy our food is important to us also as we enjoy getting to know you.We encourage people to come and see how food is really grown and how much work it takes to do all that needs to be done here on the farm;with a call in advance to make sure we're home,you're even welcome to pitch in and help (maybe even get your hands dirty!).We hope to see you this growing season!
    Produce: Fresh veggies in season(non-certified organic),in spring summer and fall,from beans to zucchini.Also grass fed lamb and beef,pastured poultry and eggs from free-range hens.Home-baked breads, pies and more can be added to the csa box. Farm gate sales also.
    Delivery to These Areas: We welcome pick-up at our farm and will drop off in Renfrew and Cobden
    Area of Coverage: Renfrew, Cobden, Haley Station, Beachburg, Westmeath, Douglas, Eganville

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