The Ontario CSA Farm prioritizes clients and will always find solutions to meet their needs. Whether you have issues regarding your subscription or would like to inquire about our terms, we will accommodate your request and respond to your questions accordingly. You may see our answers to frequently asked questions here.

For now, we only accept commercial establishments as our pickup location. You may contact us for more information about the process and requirements.

We’re sorry to hear that. Please let us know as soon as possible, and we will find a solution to your issue.

Thank you for the suggestion! However, for consistency, we use our eco-friendly packaging to maintain the quality of our produce. You may bring your packaging during the Swap Meet or when you’re purchasing goods from our farm, stalls, or partner establishments.

We harvest more than 30 types of vegetables on our farm; some of these are grown regularly and the others are either brand-new additions or seasonal goods. For example, we regularly grow strawberries, eggplants, potatoes, asparagus, and green onion.

During June, we add beets, blueberries, and kale to our list. With those in mind, you can expect a basket filled with those types of produce.

You may drop by at any of our partner establishments or our farm to swap your vegetables for different goods. Every month we have a weekly “Swap Meet” at the farm where our CSA members can bring vegetables or other items they would like to trade. You may check our website to view the schedule.

You may reschedule the delivery date, pick up your share at any of our partner establishments, or have your share delivered to a friend’s location. Please inform us 2 days early via phone or email so we can adjust our harvesting schedule as well. You may also have your share delivered along with your next one, doubling up the amount you will receive. Lastly, we do not offer refunds.

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