The Ontario CSA Farm is always looking for more professionals to join our team. We provide full-time employment opportunities and treat all of our staff members like family. As of now, all our positions are occupied. You may subscribe to our newsletter or check back again on our website for updates on vacant positions.

If you would like to share your skills, gain more experience, and be more involved in supporting the agriculture industry, you may email your CV and cover letter to us. We will keep it on file and contact you when we have an offer. Feel free to explore our other career options and let us know if you’re interested!


Apprenticeships allow people to be fully immersed in working at our farm while engaging with other members of the local agriculture community. This program includes housing, daily meals, and an all-inclusive educational package about agriculture, vegetable farming, and sustainability. Our apprenticeship programs are open during the growing season which is from mid-May to late October. All apprentices are also provided with $400 as monthly allowance.

We accept apprentices from the age of 18 and above. If you are planning to participate as a group, company, or institution, please inform us 2 months before the start of the season. We will customize a program for your batch. If you have any inquiries, please reach us via phone or email.


The Ontario CSA Farm’s volunteer program is an opportunity for people who would like to impart their knowledge and skills on our farm. As a volunteer, you need to work with us for a minimum of 2 weeks, 5 hours a day, and 5 days in a week (you may opt to participate in a weekend if necessary).

This is inclusive of a private room or lodge, daily meals, and transportation allowance going to our farm and back to your home.

All applicants are screened to ensure that you are in good health. If you have any concerns or adjustments to make in your schedule, please let us know. You may also browse our website to see stories from our former staff, apprentices, and volunteers.