What Is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an organized process involving the distribution and growth of organic produce. This connects farmers with the community at large. Every spring, residents subscribed reach a local organic farm to subscribe for a “share” of the year’s harvest.

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What is CSA

Learn About CSA Farms

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Farming Practices

At CSA Farms we aim to educate readers on how to produce organic vegetables while educating the community about the importance of sustainability.


Farmer’s Market

Drop by our offices at the following farmers’ markets.



We receive many questions about how CSA Farms works and what to expect when engaging with a farm. Learn more here.


About Us

CSA Farms takes pride in supporting the agricultural industry by educating about producing fresh, organic vegetables. Our company was founded on the belief that locally harvested produce can change the world, sharing our knowledge about traditional methods and being up to date with the modern market trends.

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Our Projects

Coffee Reach Our Mugs

From Farm to Table: How Does Coffee Reach Our Mugs?

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in modern history. Currently, more than 166 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee beans are consumed annually across the world. With such a large consumption, it is normal to wonder how coffee travels from the farms and reaches the tables to consumers.
  • Planting
Before coffee becomes the drink that is known and loved by many, it undergoes several processes. The first process involves planting the caffea. Caffea is a flowering plant that bears “coffee cherries” that contain coffee beans required to make coffee. The caffea ...
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Hemp Industry

The Influence of the Hemp Industry on Agriculture and the Economy

Hemp is one of the earliest crops to be tamed by humanity which is easier to buy comparing to get the best CBD oil in Canada. This non-psychoactive cousin of the cannabis plant was grown for a wide range of applications. These ancient plant roots were refined into various products such as paper, textiles, and cordage. Industrial hemp once dominated the American landscape until the 20th century, when US lawmakers made the growing of hemp illegal as they sought to control the use of marijuana. The use of industrial hemp has evolved into a great ...
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Vegetable Garden Recipes

Top Vegetable Garden Recipes

When it comes to harvesting a vegetable garden or finding an air fryer online, most people are often left wondering what they should do with everything. Naturally, some of it will be frozen, some of it canned, and some given to both friends and family. The rest, of course, is usually used in different succulent recipes. Vegetables can be served in very many different ways. Air fryers can be used to fry them; they can be steamed, buttered, creamed, and tossed into salads and casseroles. Let’s take a look at some of the top options ...
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Wear When Visiting a Farm

What to Wear When Visiting a Farm

Most people like to wear something that looks good and pleasing. Apart from trending custom t shirts and fashion outfits, what’s important in clothing is the comfort and chance to express oneself. When visiting a farm, it shouldn’t be the case. Whatever kind of farm it is, it’s expected to get dirt, stains, and other reasons that can cause damage to the clothes. However, the farm shouldn’t be something that limits in wearing fashion staples. You may wear any custom T-shirts if you want, but be sure to wear in the proper way. There are ...
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Farmers Market Convention

Farmers Market Convention

On a quarterly basis, we host an event where farmers, partners, and customers can exchange information about how to buy, sell, and trade their products. We provide booths, snacks and refreshments, and a safe, comfortable space for the public. These are organized in different venues around the area, and people of all ages are welcome to join. We also partner with professionals from all over the country to host workshops/seminars or sponsor our event. The event is free of charge and is open to the public. For concessionaire applications or partnership proposals, contact us to ...
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Organic Farming Innovation

Organic Farming Innovation

The CSA Farms has been awarded and duly acknowledged by the Farm Alliance for our innovative organic farming methods presented on this website. With their support, we have offered our team trips to various farms, homesteads, and plantations so they can further explore, discover, and study about vegetable farming. Additionally, we continue to develop new knowledge to share with the community. FA invites members of the Earth Association (UK) on an annual basis, so we can receive real-time consultation from fellow professionals. They also collaborate with us to provide free e-books and webinars about the ...
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Eco-Friendly Drive

Eco-Friendly Drive

In an effort to continuously promote sustainability, some farms gather junks from different farm's partner establishments and customers then recycle them on their farm. Last year, CSA farms gathered plastic bottles to create “Ecobricks” and donated them to non-profit organizations or groups to use as furniture or construction projects. During the previous years, CSA farms also collected food waste and used them to create compost and deliver them to nearby farms in our area. The possibilities are endless, and this project helps farms prove how important sustainability is. If you have an idea for any ...
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