What Is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an organized process involving the distribution and growth of organic produce. This connects farmers with the community at large. Every spring, residents subscribed reach a local organic farm to subscribe for a “share” of the year’s harvest.

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What is CSA

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Farming Practices

At CSA Farms we aim to educate readers on how to produce organic vegetables while educating the community about the importance of sustainability.


Farmer’s Market

Drop by our offices at the following farmers’ markets.



We receive many questions about how CSA Farms works and what to expect when engaging with a farm. Learn more here.


About Us

CSA Farms takes pride in supporting the agricultural industry by educating about producing fresh, organic vegetables. Our company was founded on the belief that locally harvested produce can change the world, sharing our knowledge about traditional methods and being up to date with the modern market trends.

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Our Projects

From Wilted to Wow: The Art of Spray Painting Dead Plants

From Wilted to Wow: The Art of Spray Painting Dead Plants

Spray painting dead plants is a quirky trend and the concept might seem a bit odd initially. The transformation of brown relics into brilliant sculptures can add an unexpected pop of color and character to any space. But not all plants will hold up well to being painted. Thicker plants tend to handle the paint better, while delicate plants might not sustain the weight of the paint. You must know how to handle spray paint safely, especially when it comes to accidental skin contact. Knowing how to get spray paint off the skin is crucial ...
Gardening Jeopardy: Trivia Questions and Answers

Gardening Jeopardy: Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to Gardening Jeopardy, where your green thumb knowledge can earn you big points! Dive into various categories all about gardening, from common plants to garden pests and famous gardens around the world. Each category is divided into five levels based on difficulty, with point values increasing from $200 to $1000. Test your skills or challenge others to see who is the ultimate gardening guru! If you're looking to engage your students in a fun and interactive way to review class content, consider using a Jeopardy review game template to create a customized game tailored ...
Brushed vs Brushless Lawn Mower

Brushed vs Brushless Lawn Mower

The main difference between a brushed and brushless lawn mower lies in the type of motor they use, which affects their efficiency, durability, maintenance requirements, and performance. Brushless lawn mowers offer improved efficiency, durability, and performance at a higher upfront cost, while brushed lawn mowers are more affordable but come with higher maintenance and lower efficiency. Brushed Lawn Mowers Motor Design Brushed motors operate with carbon brushes that maintain physical contact with the motor's commutator to facilitate electrical conductivity. This traditional motor design is simpler and has been used in various electrical devices for decades, ...
a gold bitcoin planted into a pot of soil beside a pot of plant

How Bitcoin Casinos Can Advocate for Organic Agriculture Awareness Through Games

The intersection of Bitcoin casinos and organic agriculture awareness presents a unique and innovative opportunity. Beyond the thrill of the game, Bitcoin casinos have the potential to become powerful advocates for sustainable farming practices. In the realm of online entertainment, popular online slots serve as engaging ambassadors, offering a gateway for players to discover and support eco-friendly initiatives while enjoying their favorite digital pastime. This article explores how these platforms can leverage games to raise awareness about organic agriculture, fostering a community that values both responsible gaming and eco-conscious living. Bitcoin Casinos Advocating Organic Agriculture ...
man wearing brown cowboy hat and glasses vaping and exhaling smoke while sitting on a grass field

Harnessing Organic Practices for Vape-Friendly Crop Cultivation

The surge in vaping's popularity has spurred interest in the quality and safety of the raw materials used, particularly concerning vape-friendly crops like tobacco, hemp, and various herbs. Organic farming offers a viable path to cultivating cleaner, purer crops that translate into a higher-quality vaping experience. Amidst this, consumers are increasingly scrutinizing the production of vape carts to ensure their safety and authenticity. In this article, we’re going to explore the straightforward practices of organic farming that are pivotal in the cultivation of vape-friendly crops. Understanding Organic Practices At its core, organic farming involves practices ...
tools and method to clean a sprinkler head

How to Clean a Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler heads, regardless of the sprinkler head types you have, can become clogged over time due to dirt, debris, and mineral build-up. To ensure your sprinkler head is functioning properly, regular cleaning is essential. Here's a straightforward guide to help you with the cleaning process, even if you have never done it before. Tools You Need Before you start, gather the necessary tools. This will help you perform the task efficiently.
  1. Needle nose pliers: To grab and hold the filter inside the sprinkler head
  2. Adjustable vise-grips: To clamp onto the sprinkler riser
  3. Soft cloth: ...
a man fixing a lawn mower

Why Does My Lawn Mower Backfire When I Try to Start It?

Ever tried starting your lawn mower only to have it sputter, cough, and backfire in protest? Frustrating, right? You are ready to finish your yard work, and your mower has other plans. No, you are probably stuck in a rut asking: Why does my lawn mower backfire when I try to start it? Don't worry; we've got you covered. To care for your lawn organically without issues, ensure you read this to the end. We'll walk you through the possible reasons your mower is backfiring and the steps you can take to get it running ...
overwatering and underwatering a christmas cactus

Overwatered vs Underwatered Christmas Cactus: Identifying the Signs

Taking care of a Christmas cactus plant is not difficult, but knowing signs when you’ve overwatered or underwatered your plant can be tricky. When your Christmas cactus leaves are limp, it can be a sign that you are overwatering your plant, while drooping leaves can be a sign of an underwatered cactus. However, there are more signs we want to discuss. Signs of an Underwatered Christmas Cactus Plant Underwatering a Christmas cactus plant can cause the plant to become severely stressed and show signs of dehydration. This type of stress often leads to stunted growth, ...
How to Revive an Air Plant

How to Revive an Air Plant

If you are looking for a way to revive your dying air plant, follow quick solutions like soaking the plant in clean water and trimming off the dead and affected parts. Air plants (also called Tillandsia) are special plants that can grow anywhere. These epiphytic plants are from another planet and require no soil to grow. The air plants absorb water and moisture through their leaves and require a moderate quantity of water to survive. Caring for these plants may not require much, but sometimes they start looking sickly (limp, droopy, shriveled, or brown). What ...
8 Top Gardening Tips for Beginners

8 Top Gardening Tips for Beginners

Gardening is a fun and rewarding activity that anyone can enjoy. In a survey done in 2018, it was reported that 11% of Americans aged 18 to 29 years old did gardening. 29% are 50 to 64 years old, and 39% are over 65 years old or younger than 18. Therefore, you do not need to feel intimidated if you have not tried gardening before. In this article, we will explore some top gardening tips for beginners. 8 Top Gardening Tips for Beginners 1. Choose the Right Location Location is very important when you begin ...
4 Different Outdoor Lighting Without Electricity

Ways to Power Outdoor Lighting Without Electricity

Lighting and electricity go hand in hand. However, there are many ways to have outdoor lighting without electricity. There are wireless outdoor lighting systems such as solar, solar outdoor chandeliers, battery-operated outdoor lights, battery-operated outdoor chandeliers, solar garden globes, etc. Numerous solar outdoor lighting options are not dependent on conventional electricity. So you don't have to worry about power outages during the winter season. Aside from convenience and comfort, an outdoor light fixture fulfills other needs. Outdoor light fixtures provide bright light for the external premises of your home. This illumination serves as a form of ...
8 Plants You Can Cultivate and Harvest in a Month

8 Plants You Can Cultivate and Harvest in a Month

There's this lovely feeling that comes with seeing your garden already blooming. However, let's face reality. Waiting a long time for your garden to produce can be quite discouraging. The good news is you can start your gardening experience with some of these fast-growing seeds to fill your empty plant beds. Is Gardening Worth the Stress? Owning and tending to a garden can be frustrating. It's tough to live in an urban area and know you can get these vegetables and flowering plants from the nearest grocery store. Well, don't give up yet. Did you ...
Coffee Reach Our Mugs

From Farm to Table: How Does Coffee Reach Our Mugs?

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in modern history. Currently, more than 166 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee beans are consumed annually across the world. With such a large consumption, it is normal to wonder how coffee travels from the farms and reaches the tables to consumers. The best coffee makers in Canada are only the start of this story, where do the beans actually come from? Planting Before coffee becomes the drink that is known and loved by many, it undergoes several processes. The first process involves planting the caffea. Caffea ...
Farmers Market Convention

Farmers Market Convention

On a quarterly basis, we host an event where farmers, partners, and customers can exchange information about how to buy, sell, and trade their products. We provide booths, snacks and refreshments, and a safe, comfortable space for the public. These are organized in different venues around the area, and people of all ages are welcome to join. We also partner with professionals from all over the country to host workshops/seminars or sponsor our event. The event is free of charge and is open to the public. For concessionaire applications or partnership proposals, contact us to ...
Organic Farming Innovation

Organic Farming Innovation

The CSA Farms has been awarded and duly acknowledged by the Farm Alliance for our innovative organic farming methods presented on this website. With their support, we have offered our team trips to various farms, homesteads, and plantations so they can further explore, discover, and study vegetable farming. Additionally, we continue to develop new knowledge to share with the community. FA invites members of the Earth Association (UK) annually, so we can receive real-time consultation from fellow professionals. They also collaborate with us to provide free e-books and webinars about the food and farming industry ...
Eco-Friendly Drive

Eco-Friendly Drive

In an effort to continuously promote sustainability, some farms gather junks from different farm's partner establishments and customers then recycle them on their farm. Last year, CSA farms gathered plastic bottles to create “Ecobricks” and donated them to non-profit organizations or groups to use as furniture or construction projects. During the previous years, CSA farms also collected food waste and used them to create compost and deliver them to nearby farms in our area. The possibilities are endless, and this project helps farms prove how important sustainability is. If you have an idea for any ...

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