Lighting and electricity go hand in hand. However, there are many ways to have outdoor lighting without electricity. There are wireless outdoor lighting systems such as solar, solar outdoor chandeliers, battery-operated outdoor lights, battery-operated outdoor chandeliers, solar garden globes, etc.

Numerous solar outdoor lighting options are not dependent on conventional electricity. So you don’t have to worry about power outages during the winter season. Aside from convenience and comfort, an outdoor light fixture fulfills other needs.

Outdoor light fixtures provide bright light for the external premises of your home. This illumination serves as a form of security because it can scare away home invaders or burglars. In addition, it enhances the ambiance of your outdoor surroundings for parties. It can also make you feel safe during strolls around your yard at dusk.

After carrying out some research into the subject, we’ve come up with a list of lighting fixtures that can illuminate your surroundings without electricity.

Before we do that, let’s first consider factors that should influence your choice.

Choose the Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

There are some essential factors to consider when choosing outdoor lighting fixtures. They include:

Outdoor Lighting Cost or Budget

Before deciding how to power outdoor lights, consider the cost of light fixtures and how much you can afford to spend on them. Outdoor light fixtures come in different types and have a wide range of prices.

Have a spending plan for your lighting project. Without budgeting, you may buy what you don’t need or spend more than you planned to. Budgeting gives you control over how much you spend and helps you buy what you can afford.

Color and Style of the Outdoor Light Fixture

What color and style of light fixture do you need on your premises? There are cool light fixtures and warm light fixtures. The color and style of your light fixtures influence the mood or ambiance of your premises. So first, determine what kind of ambiance you want.

Some colors provide illumination. On the other hand, other lighting colors provide illumination and give your outdoor settings a relaxing atmosphere. Cool light fixtures are ideal for this.

If you want to use your outdoor space for hosting a party, a warm light fixture will serve you best.

The durability of Outdoor Lights

Certain light fixtures last longer than others. For durability, we recommend going for LED lights. An LED light fixture can provide sufficient outdoor lighting and also save you the cost of frequent replacements.

This helps you save money. LED lighting is also a popular lighting option, and it’s used in many households.

Positioning of Light Fixture

Consider where you’re going to install the wireless outdoor lighting. Placing your light strategically can beautify your outdoor space. It will also add character and make it an appealing sight to onlookers. Good lighting placement also helps in preventing certain accidents.

Depending on where you want to install outdoor lighting systems, you can go for garden lights, path lights, porch lights, etc. First, consider the kind of lights that are ideal for your placement strategy.

Some lights are installed on the ground, some are installed on the wall of your home, and others are hung on tree branches.


Outdoor lighting varies in wattage. So go for the one that meets your needs. If you’re installing lighting for decorative, ambiance, or accent purposes, go for lighting with lower wattage.

However, if you aim to light up the dark parts of your premises at night, go for lighting with higher wattage.

How to Power Outdoor Lights Without Electricity?

Solar Stake Lights

Solar Stake Lights

Solar lights are one of the best options to illuminate your premises without increasing your monthly utility bills. It draws its energy from the sun and converts it to electrical power through photovoltaic cells.

During the daytime, it uses its solar panels to accumulate enough power to provide night-time illumination for your premises. A cost-effective solar lighting option is solar garden lights.

Aside from the primary function of providing illumination at night, they also enhance the ambiance of your settings because they are accent lights.

Solar-powered lights are pretty easy to install because they don’t require electrical cords or wires. They are also lightweight, which is an added advantage. We advise you to install your solar-powered lighting where you’re likely to spend more time when you’re outdoors. Good examples are dining and seating areas.

Once the sun sets, your solar power feature lights will detect the absence of the sun and automatically switch on. It’s an intuitive lighting system.

Solar Outdoor Chandeliers

An outdoor chandelier powered by solar energy gives you unlimited options for decorating your patio, deck, gazebo, and other outdoor areas. Outdoor chandeliers are energy-efficient and eco-friendly lights. It’s accent lighting, adding aesthetic effect to your premises. It will also highlight outdoor features as well as your outdoor furniture.

Most outdoor hanging chandeliers are ambient lights. One unique advantage that comes with it is that you can install it anywhere. You can use it to provide lighting for a sculpture and enjoy the view at night. It can even offer aesthetics for an outdoor party.

This ambient light is weatherproof and safe to use during the rainy season. It also comes with rechargeable solar batteries.

Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights

If you want to install new light fixtures in your compound, this is an excellent option. String lights provide a warm glow. It’s an ideal outdoor lighting design if you’ll be hosting guests or parties frequently.

You can install this battery-operated outdoor lighting system anywhere. For instance, on your lawn, rooftop, or your furniture. You can choose a light string with LED lights to illuminate far corners of your premises. This way, you won’t need an extension cord.

Also, a light string connects to your phone like a smart home system. This makes it easy for you to operate or configure it. We also recommend you go for waterproof string lights so that illumination won’t be a problem when there is snow or rainfalls.

Battery-Powered Outdoor Lights

This is another ideal option for outdoor lighting without electricity. We recommend going with battery-powered lighting that is durable and can reach expansive areas.

Also, go for brands that use weather-resistant materials to design outdoor lighting. Please consider the duration of illumination, too. Good batteries can last for up to 10 hours for a session.

Some of these lights are equipped with a sensor responsive light. The motion sensor lighting switches on when it detects movements. This wireless functionality is excellent for security purposes.

We recommend switching off the light manually when you’re not using it to make the battery last longer.

Battery-Operated Outdoor Chandelier

This battery-powered outdoor lighting is lightweight and easy to install. It provides purely practical security and ambiance. Furthermore, it’s also cost-effective. With the flip of a switch, it can shine brightly on your outdoor premises.

Several of these battery-powered chandeliers come with teardrop-shaped bulbs to provide aesthetic lighting. They add glamour, style, and class to where you sit and dine outdoors. An added advantage is that you can hang this battery-powered outlet anywhere you choose.

No matter where you install the battery-operated chandelier, it will have a strong aesthetic effect. It’s a great choice if you frequently entertain your guests till the wee hours of the morning.

Solar Garden Globes

Solar Garden Globes

This is arguably the most aesthetic outdoor lighting option. It can be installed as a permanent fixture in your garden, and it doesn’t require electrical outlets, wires, or even solar panels.

This light comes with replaceable batteries, and it’s a buyers’ favorite because you can create a pattern of your choice. For example, you can decide to spread the globes or clutter them in a particular area.

This lighting is best placed on your patio and deck, besides your swimming pool and garden path. The color emissions from this lighting can make the appearance of your garden a view you can’t get tired of.

They can be installed with screws, and most of them are weatherproof. So you don’t have to worry about the weather when you’re installing them. They are versatile lights and can be installed anywhere on your outdoor premises.

Wax/LED Candles

LED Candles Outdoor Lighting

This is old-fashioned for outdoor lighting, which is precisely where its appeal lies. They are incredibly affordable and easily accessible. Aside from providing illumination, you can use LED or wax candles to enhance the mood or create a romantic setting.

There are house owners who love old-fashioned lighting but don’t want the naked flame. For this category of buyers, we recommend flame-flickering LED candles. They resemble real wax candles, but they’re safer because their wax doesn’t drip.

So you can decide to go for LED or real candles. For wax candles, we recommend going for candles of various sizes. Use old but clean jars to place them, creating homemade lanterns in the process. You can even add some citronella oil to the wax to make a natural mosquito repellent.

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