Articles are a great avenue to showcase what CSA is all about. Do you have a green thumb and are passionate about local farming? In that case, you are very much welcome to share your ideas and help our readers widen their perspectives.

Guest Post Topics

We carefully choose topics that fit our mission. Therefore, we expect topics such as the following:

  • Farming practices
  • Farmer’s market
  • Eco-friendly innovation
  • Farmer’s daily life experiences

The Benefits

  • Our readers are surprisingly numbering in tens of thousands.
  • You get a chance to experience more exposure in social media since we are active in all our official accounts.
  • You will get paid accordingly.

The Submission Guidelines for Contributing to Our Site

  • Word count of articles must be around 1,000 words
  • Two self-serving links, at most, is allowed in the article
  • Outgoing links have to be relevant to the blog
  • Categorize and organize the article well, such as using headings and uniform spacing
  • We have the right to make minor edits
  • Published articles will remain exclusive
  • Include non-copyrighted videos and images (pixel width = 580 or less) in a separate attachment
  • Technical diagrams are welcome.

If you wish to submit a concept for a guest article, kindly fill the form here below.