What Is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an organized process involving the distribution and growth of organic produce. This connects farmers with the community at large. Every spring, residents subscribed reach a local organic farm to subscribe for a “share” of the year’s harvest.

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What is CSA

Why You Should Join Us?

Farmer giving box of veg to customer on a sunny day

Farming Practices

At The Ontario CSA Farm, we aim to produce organic vegetables while educating the community about the importance of sustainability.


Farmer’s Market

Drop by our booths at the following farmers’ markets in Ontario.


Buyers Club

Join the Market Buyers Club and enjoy its numerous benefits while helping the environment!


About Us

The Ontario CSA Farm takes pride in supporting the agricultural industry by producing fresh, organic vegetables. Our company was founded on the belief that locally harvested produce can change the world, sharing our traditional methods and being up to date with the modern market trends.

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Our Projects

Northern Ontario Farmers Market Convention

On a quarterly basis, we host an event where farmers, partners, and customers can buy, sell, and trade their products. We provide booths, snacks and ...
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Organic Farming Innovation

The Ontario CSA Farm has been awarded and duly acknowledged by the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance (NOFIA) for our innovative organic farming methods. With ...
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Eco-Friendly Drive

In an effort to continuously promote sustainability, we gather junks from our partner establishments and customers then recycle them on our farm. Last year, we ...
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