Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an organized process involving the distribution and growth of organic produce. This connects farmers with the community at large. Every spring, residents subscribed reach a local organic farm to subscribe for a “share” of the year’s harvest.

This is where CSA shareholders come in: they provide the funds needed during the growing season. It is a system that provides numerous benefits for everyone from the farmers to businesses and even the consumers.

CSA has been successful in different countries since 1965, and currently, programs are provided to many North America-based farms. They promote a healthy working environment for farmers and quality, organic produce for local households. It also improves the economy and environment by minimizing packaging and transportation costs.

Here at CSA Farms, we are dedicated to educating the public about preserving the beauty of Mother Nature and helping people with their daily needs. All of our information packages are made of banana leaves, and we’re currently working on using seed paper for our printed materials.